When Will SafeMoon be Listed on Binance?

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SafeMoon is a billion-dollar cryptocurrency project that has seen exponential growth. In this year alone, SafeMoon has gained over 30X (3000%) from its all-time low price. The community has grown even more than the price, signifying interest in the project. So, When will SafeMoon be listed on Binance? Let’s find out!

As it stands now, the current price of SAFEMOON is $0.00000148

Why Binance Though?

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world currently. The trading volume on Binance is massive. Because of this, Binance is the most liquid crypto trading platform globally at the moment. Consequently, most projects yearn to get listed on Binance. Binance listings have always inspired rallies in the price of listing assets. The speculation among traders is that after listing, more people will be able to trade the asset. This might drive the price up. SafeMoon seems to be in this category, hoping for a Binance listing someday.

SafeMoon x Binance Relationship

SafeMoon Sunday

As of now, SafeMoon has one Binance relationship with Binance. That is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SafeMoon lives on the BSC chain. This blockchain has been of great support to young projects. This is because BSC has cheap transactions and fast execution. But despite this, BSC’s total value locked (TVL) has continued to fall throughout the year. We do not know the exact reasons and can only speculate.

If they can secure a listing on Binance, then SAFEMOON price will increase. SafeMoon token is based on the community and also has some nice token economics. Shiba Inu (SHIB), another project that resembles SAFEMOON, managed to get listed on Binance. This propelled its price even further up.

Will SafeMoon get Listed on Binance?

This is uncertain. The future is uncertain, and anything can happen. However, there are a few things that the SafeMoon community can do to increase their chances of listing on Binance. SafeMoon enjoys a massive community which is beneficial for the project. On CoinGecko alone, over 180k people follow the project, which is very impressive.

  • Vote for Binance Listing

Binance provides an opportunity to list crypto assets based on their popularity. The token which gets more votes will gain listing free of charge. However, the project developers have to agree to the voting for Binance to consider the asset.

  • Build Massive Volume on SafeMoon

Crypto trading platforms love one thing only: Volume. Currently, the top SafeMoon trading platform is PancakeSwap. Binance regularly scans the market for projects with humongous volume. A large trading volume is beneficial for crypto exchanges because of the trading fees they reap off from traders. Hence, if the SafeMoon community wants to secure a listing on Binance, they can increase the trading volume of the asset to get noticed by the top exchange.


SafeMoon project has galactic tokenomics. However, this fact does not mean they will not get listed by top exchanges. DOGE and SHIB have achieved this feat with their ample token supplies. Hence, nothing is impossible.