Where can you Statistically Make More Money Through Investments? Let’s Find Out!

Vinod Dsouza

The term ‘investments’ has become increasingly popular lately and there are hundreds of ways to make your money work while you’re asleep. From savings account to fixed deposits and trading in stock/crypto markets, growing money is the need of the hour.

Start Saving Small To Make It Big

The key to making it big in the long run is to start saving small. Savings need to be sustainable over time and need to scale up as years or months pass by in order to beat inflation.

In order to see the small amount turn to large capital, savings need to be done every month without fail. ”You want to make it small and often. There’s no point if you earn £4,000 a month saying I’m going to invest £3,000 a month,” said Chris Ball, managing partner of Hoxton Capital Management to Express.co.uk.

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Chris also stated that sustainable investment will deliver the desired results in the long run. ”Investment needs to be sustainable and also you need to build up over time. So start with $100 and build up to $200, $300, $400,” so on and so forth.

Stock and Crypto Market Investments

Many believe that the stock and crypto markets can deliver the desired results. Nonetheless, only 5% of investors actually make money in the stock markets and the majority of them fail.

The majority fail because they’re not in it for the long term but only look at short term gains. To put it in simple words, India’s stock market millionaire once said, ”The eternal truth is: Only two people can buy at the bottom and sell at the top – one is God and the other is a liar.”

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The key to attaining wealth through the stock and crypto market is to stay in it for the long term. ”You almost want to not feel it. The first step is the frequency and keeping it manageable.”

”Take incremental steps, rather than just putting lots in, taking it out, and getting yourself in a mess. People talk about numbers on the stock market, buying Tesla stock, for example, buying low and selling high. It’s very difficult to buy at the low point and then sell-off at the high point, and buy back in at the low point, because what happens is it usually happens in reverse, you end up buying and selling.”

In conclusion on how to make it big by investing in the stock and crypto market, Chris Ball summed it up to the Express.co.uk, ”The trick with investing generally, to earn good returns, is it’s about time in the market as opposed to timing.”