Which Cities Offer the Best Crypto-related Jobs? Here’s the List

Vinod Dsouza
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Jobs in the crypto sector are brimming with opportunities and companies are scouting for top talents to fill in vacant positions. Crypto-related job postings surged 395% in 2021 alone, as per data collected by LinkedIn. The crypto job postings outpaced the traditional tech industry (IT), which saw job postings surge only 98% last year. The frenzy for crypto-related jobs has only started and high-paying jobs are available aplenty in the market. Now that the crypto-sphere is booming, the market is expected to create many more jobs around the world.

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Source: Pixabay

The United States is the leader in the crypto-related jobs in the world. 8 out of 10 cities that are brimming with crypto vacancies are right here in the U.S. Only Singapore and the United Kingdom come second and third, respectively.

Below is the complete list of the top 10 cities that offer the best and most high-paying crypto-related jobs.

  1. New York (USA)

New York, as of today has 4,729 crypto-related job vacancies and 327 businesses are currently hiring. Moreover, the average crypto jobs salary starts from $125,115 in New York City.

  1. Oakland (USA)

Oakland has 4,725 job openings related to cryptos with a salary range a little higher than New York of $127,615.

  1. Silicon Valley (USA)

California’s Silicon Valley has a total of 3,868 crypto job openings with 154 crypto companies hiring for talent. However, the average yearly pay for the jobs is $112,101.

  1. Los Angeles (USA)

The city of Fallen Angels, Los Angeles has 3,073 crypto-related jobs. At present, 120 companies are hiring for top talent in L.A with an average annual salary of $129,338.

  1. Chicago (USA)

Chicago has 2,732 crypto job vacancies at the moment and 73 companies are open for hire. In addition, the average annual income in Chicago for crypto-related jobs is $117,918.

3. London (UK)

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Apart from the United States, the United Kingdom is the second when it comes to crypto jobs. London has a total of 2,608 crypto job openings with 505 companies scouting for talent. Nonetheless, the average annual salary in London for crypto-related jobs is $83,862.

  1. Boston (USA)

Boston has a total of 2,476 crypto jobs with 38 companies currently hiring for open positions. Moreover, the average salary per annum in Boston for crypto-related jobs is $127,742.

  1. Seattle (USA)

Seattle boasts of 2,411 crypto jobs with 24 companies currently open for hire. However, the average annual salary for crypto hiring in Seattle is $124,319.

9. Singapore

Apart from the U.S and the UK, the third country to have the highest number of crypto jobs in Singapore. In addition, a total of 352 businesses are hiring top crypto talents with an average annual salary of $63,525.

  1. Austin (USA)

Austin, Texas has 1,997 crypto job vacancies at the moment with 53 companies open for hire. The average salary for crypto-related jobs is $130,348.

Top 10 cities for jobs in crypto. Source: MrQ