Which Cryptocurrency Could GTA 6 Integrate in the Game?

Vinod Dsouza
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Rockstar Games released trailer 1 of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) last year on December 5, 2024. The trailer 1 has garnered nearly 200 million views on YouTube and showcases a modern of living with gadgets, smartphones, and social media. However, speculations are rife that Rockstar Games will integrate an in-game cryptocurrency payment mechanism in GTA 6.

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Since GTA 6 boasts of smartphones and social media, it won’t be surprising if cryptocurrency elements are introduced in the game. It would be a first for Rockstar Games to integrate cryptocurrency as a form of payment for in-game missions. Rumor has it that anonymous billionaires in the game will provide missions and the payment will be transferred through cryptocurrencies.

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Since the blockchain does not reveal the names of the senders, cryptocurrency could be used as payment for billionaire gangsters. Now that the storyline is modern, chances remain high that cryptocurrency will be a part of GTA 6.

What Could The Cryptocurrency Name Be in GTA 6?

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Speculations are rife that Rockstar Games might have kept the name of the in-game cryptocurrency in GTA 6 as $RSTAR. Several GTA 6 pages on social media are beaming with details that the name of the cryptocurrency could be $RSTAR. Moreover, none of these are confirmed and are based on rumors, speculations, and anonymous insider details.

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Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive have not confirmed that GTA 6 will have an in-game cryptocurrency integration. We’ll have to wait and watch after the games’ release to find out if it uses blockchain technology for payments.

While the first trailer of the game is out, the second trailer is yet to be released. However, the game is scheduled to be released sometime next year in 2025. The game is expected to earn more than $1 billion within the first two days of its release.