Who could be Shiba Inu founders? BabyDoge has an answer

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Pixabay

On Thursday, BabyDoge’s official handle took Twitter to announce that its supply had officially gotten the verification label from CoinMarketCap.

“CoinMarketCap has officially verified the circulating supply for BabyDogeCoin,” they tweeted.

A few hours later, however, they again tweeted bringing to light that the crypto price tracking platform ended up revoking the same. They went on to explicitly state that something was fishy. Their tweet noted,

“We were verified this morning, then within hours, it was removed. There’s something odd going on inside CoinMarketCap.”

Shiba Inu to blame?

Post the revocation, the BabyDoge team grew skeptical. They went out to add fuel to a Shiba Inu-centric rumor doing the rounds on social media. They tweeted,

“Rumor is Shib founders are also CMC founders

The team was, however, quick to add the “not confirmed” tag post speculating the same. Now, the IRL identity of the Shiba Inu creator(s) isn’t known. By joining the dots, several theories concerning how either Vitalik Buterin or Elon Musk could potentially be the face behind Ryoshi have been made. Nonetheless, without any official confirmation, question marks still linger.

Well, at the moment, there is no concrete evidence to back BabyDoge’s speculation. However, it should be noted that Shiba Inu and BabyDoge are direct competitors and are currently sailing in the same meme coin boat.

Per CoinMarketCap’s top memes list, Shiba Inu was ranked second with a capitalization of $4.5 billion, while BabyDoge stood fourth with an aggregate valuation of $138 million.

Source: CMC

Curtains down

Well, CMC’s hands ain’t that completely clean either. Back at the beginning of the year, for instance, it had beef with Shiba Inu and the SHIB Army when it had listed a couple of fake SHIB contract addresses on its website. Nonetheless, it responded to the team and eventually removed the allegedly fake addresses.

Well, looks like something similar has happened with BabyDoge as well. An hour back, the team announced that re-earned the verification badge.