Why Is Axie Infinity Not Working?

Source: qz.com

For those who love playing video games and connecting to the world of cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity is a famous blockchain game today. The game involves players battling odd creatures called Axies.

However, these Axies are non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) that have an essential value being backed by the blockchain of Ethereum crypto.

More people are getting into this game and buying Axies with unique properties hoping to profit from this investment in their favor.

In this article we will be look at why your Axie infinity is not working and how to fix this.

What Is The Cause Of This Failure?

The failures in Axie Infinity are due to obstacles in their servers. The cause of this is the significant number of users entering at the same time. The game has more players than expected, causing the temporary collapse in its servers (servers down).

A network server is a service area specially intended to store files and details that make up a web page. This server allows users to connect and be able to enjoy the game action in real-time. 

These servers also have a limitation in the number of users who can be online simultaneously. The errors occurring in the game are known as “server down”. This is what is preventing the players of Axie Infinity from staying in connection mode.

This eventually breaks the fan and dissatisfaction for the players. Being an entertaining game for many, several users have begun embracing this video game as a significant source of income.

Many are investing large sums of money buying Axies tools to profit as fast as they can. This is why the down server loses money every other minute passing.

Checking The Status of The Game

YES! The Axie Infinity society of players has different server monitoring sides. These help to reduce the inconvenience for players entering the game when the server is down.

It is a high recommendation that players should stop exchanging their info related to their Axie Infinity accounts. This will preserve the security of their accounts and the AXS in them.


If anything happens in the thick of a game, the disappointment we feel is much worse. So we can follow the guide below to fix your axie infinity if its not working.

1. You Can Start Your Device Again

On several occasions, our devices are consistently overloading with information from different sources. Therefore, you must control your device from consuming energy, overloading the RAM, and leading to games not running.

As an elementary step, it may appear so usual. However, it is in most cases very important that you restart your machine to cab the situation. This might end those activities interfering with your game, giving you a clean experience.

2. Start Your Router Again

Your router works the same as a  computer. It can also overload and even heat up, thus limiting the internet from working at its best. So by restarting it, you can fix your problem.

You can also try contacting the Axie Infinity creators. They are on the following social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and substack.