Why Would Bitcoin Be Considered the Honey Badger of Money

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If you have recently been on the Santa Clara’s Lawrence Expressway, between El Camino Real and Highway 101, you may have seen the ‘Bitcoin honey badger billboard’.

Source: Reddit

The billboard paid for by Roger Ver for over $1 500 a month is meant to encourage businesses to accept Bitcoin in exchange for their products and services. 

Notably, Memorydealers, Ver’s company (that resells computer parts), was the first to accept bitcoins in exchange for real-world products in 2011. And it is located about half a mile from the billboard.

But why the honey badger? What tendencies does the medium-sized voracious omnivore have in common with Bitcoin?

Why Bitcoin is the Honey Badger of Money

1. Strength, Resilience and Toughness

These three words sufficiently describe the character of the animal famous for aggressively intimidating hyenas, lions and even snakes. 

In a 2011 viral video, the badass animal is seen busting a beehive, picking a cobra of a tree and taking porcupine quills like a pro.

And undoubtedly, this is the same attitude as Bitcoin towards the financial predators

Governments and some wall street investors have banned the open-source system, reputable blogs have defamed it, and many have sidelined it. But still, Bitcoin is as shiny as could ever be.

Via some miraculous way, the resilient black child with a golden color always keeps making its way past and around the same systems while being unscathed.

Did you also know that in the early years of bitcoin, some hackers attempted to infiltrate and take over the Bitcoin blockchain network, and up to date, they’ve not succeeded.

2. Fearless

Much like the impervious honey badger, which knows that it could be stung, bitten or mauled by an enemy but still braces itself for the attack, so is Bitcoin.

The immutable and impenetrable Bitcoin isn’t shy when it comes to a fight. Taking on the Central banks and traditional wealth assets like gold and equity stocks, BTC has its eyes on evolution and sustainability.

Bitcoin will also not back down from anything threatening its distribution.

3. Global Distribution

As long as you have the internet, you can get to experience the world of Bitcoin. If not by investing, it’s by knowledge on the power of decentralization.

The ‘honey badger’ currency allows users to transact in millions at any given time, at any secure location, for a lower cost. Unlike the banks that open only for a while and restrict huge distributions with their large transfer fees.

4. Super-Fast

The honey badger has on countless occasions killed venomous snakes with a skill and speed rating of almost perfect.

Bitcoin mirrors this aspect through its super fast and secure transactions that range from 10-60 minutes for settlement. 

And of note, these are global transactions.

For Fiat currency, international transfers may take between 1 and 5 days; thus, bitcoin is more efficient.

5. Security

Bitcoin operates at a highly secure level of encryption.

Bitcoin wallets are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (A.E.S.) method, which is highly secure.

A.E.S. is also the same encryption algorithm used by the American N.S.A.


We cannot exhaust all the reasons why Bitcoin is considered the honey badger of money. And it’s not just because they are inexhaustible. But also because Bitcoin is evolving, and so are the reasons.

Yet what we can all agree on, is that, just like the honey badger, BTC has no emotion or feeling; it only has an angle and an appetite. Moreover, through its community, it persistently does what it wants and when it wants, despite its many flaws. And that is what makes it a true ‘Honey Badger of Money’.