Will Champion Sportswear eventually collaborate with Shiba Inu?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: 1000 logos

Shiba Inu investors are on a quest to reach out to every major corporation and convince them to work with the meme-token. Champion Sportswear is one of the biggest names on the long list. The company is getting requests on social media to release a line of Shiba Inu-themed t-shirts. 

SHIB HEAD, a Twitter user, was the first to conceive the idea of the Champion t-shirts and Shiba Inu partnership. His tweets went viral in the SHIB-sphere, and a slew of other fans jumped on board. On the 19th of February, SHIB HEAD tweeted another post, asking the SHIB Army to create a #CHAMPIONxSHIB campaign, to further push the idea. 

Shiba Inu’s online petitions

In a recent development, the Shib Army has created a petition online to get the attention of the prominent clothing line. Although the petition has only got 152 signatures, at the time of publication, it sure has the potential to blow up. 

The inquiries were not ignored because Hanes clothing’s top management was ‘watching’ their requests on LinkedIn. For those who don’t know, Champion Sportswear is currently owned by Hanes Clothing. SHIB HEAD posted screenshots of his LinkedIn account showing Hanes’ senior executives ‘watching’ his SHIB x Champion campaign. In addition, three distinct Hanes textile executives watched the campaign on LinkedIn, proving that it had arrived at their desk.

Source: SHIB HEAD, Twitter

Shiba Inu has had tremendous success in garnering attention from top companies, as well as many political figures. When it comes to asking brands to accept the meme token, SHIB investors are well-known for doing it consistently until the brands respond. It’s only a matter of time before the SHIB x Champion campaign goes viral, and it’s already gaining traction. 

Aside from Hanes and Champion, reports are circulating that Shiba Inu will reveal possible cooperation with Forever 21. The words “forever” were splashed on the clip and text in Shiba Inu’s mysterious Valentine’s Day video.

Regardless, Shiba Inu is definitely on a streak. It has the eyes of the crypto community on itself, and it is much deserved so.