Hanes Clothing Notices Requests to Launch Shiba Inu Themed Apparels

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu Hanes Clothing Champion
Source: Hanes Deluxe

A Twitter user named SHIB_HEAD started a campaign requesting Champion sportswear to launch Shiba Inu-themed t-shirts. Several other SHIB enthusiasts jumped in on the bandwagon tagging Champion clothing to design the meme-coin apparel. Though the campaign has not gone full-fledged as compared to ‘Hey Robinhood, when SHIB?’, it surely ruffled feathers online.

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However, it looks like the requests have not fallen on deaf ears as the top management of Hanes clothing is ‘viewing’ their requests on LinkedIn. For the uninitiated, Hanes brand acquired Champion sportswear in 2016 and now the two operate as an entity.

SHIB investors are notorious when it comes to asking brands to accept the meme token and do it relentlessly until the brands respond. It’s only a matter of time before the SHIB x Champion goes viral and the campaign is slowly picking steam.

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SHIB_HEAD shared screenshots of his LinkedIn account that show the top management of Hanes ‘viewing’ his SHIB x Champion campaign. In addition, three different heads from Hanes clothing viewed the campaign on LinkedIn confirming that its now reached their table.

”Hey #SHIBARMY look who viewed my SHIB_HEAD Linkedin profile. $SHIB #CHAMPIONxSHIB,” tweeted SHIB_HEAD. The tweet shows Jamie Wallis, Director of Global Communications at Hanes viewing his profile and campaign.

Minutes later, Michael Jarvela, Director Licensed Product & Collaborations at Hanes viewed the profile and campaign on LinkedIn.

Watcher Guru reached out to Hanes for a comment about the ‘SHIB-themed apparel’ for Champion. At press time, we have not received a response yet.

Shiba Inu: Hanes, Champion and Forever 21

The creator of the campaign is confident that if the Champion releases the SHIB-themed t-shirts, they’ll be sold out. “I can almost guarantee if they did [create SHIB clothing], it would sell out on the first run. Just look at how fast the Shiboshis sold out,” he said to Gfinityesports.

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Apart from Hanes and Champion, rumors are doing the rounds that Shiba Inu might announce a possible collaboration with fashion brand Forever 21. SHIB’s Valentine’s Day cryptic video shows the words ”forever” being plastered on the clip and caption.

In addition, the video is 21 seconds long making users claim that the meme-coin is in a collaboration with Forever 21.

”Okay guys, I think we solved it. Video is 21 secs long. Cheetah clothing is shown in video at 0:11 secs. Posts on Valentine’s to seem related but is a ruse the hashtag ‘ForeverAndEver’. Altogether this points to @Forever21 & @Shibtoken partnership,” tweeted a user.

However, Forever 21 has not confirmed a collaboration with Shiba Inu and vice versa. We’ll have to wait and watch for SHIB’s official tweet on what the video possibly means.

At press time, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00003102 and is up +1.2% in the 24-hours day trade. The meme-token is up +50.1% since the last 14-trading days.