Will HEX hit $10 after Crypto Documentary is on Netflix and Prime Video?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Medium

As we eagerly wait for “Highest of Stakes” to hit Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video, there is a possibility that HEX might hit all-time highs in prices.

Richard Heart, the company’s founder, founded Hex in 2019. Despite having a market valuation of $23 billion, many in the past have accused it of being a scam or a potential Ponzi scheme.

Hex is an Ethereum-based currency that claims to be the world’s first blockchain deposit certificate (CD). Hex holders can stake batches of their tokens for specific amounts of time, similar to how traditional CDs give a higher interest rate to consumers who agree to leave a lump-sum deposit untouched for a set period of time. During this time, individuals are unable to access those tokens without incurring severe penalties; nevertheless, once the time period has passed, Hex holders are eligible to collect prizes.

Supporters of Heart have revealed that they are filming a documentary about how HEX improved people’s lives. ‘The Highest of Stakes,’ a documentary on Richard Heart, HEX, and millionaire investors, will be released.

Could HEX hit $10?

Upon release of the film, the token is bound to see a spike in awareness. This may cause new investors with new money to jump in, causing a jump in price, pushing it way past the dollar mark.

Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video are easily some of the biggest streaming platforms in existence. They have millions of viewers around the world, and hence is the best way to spread awareness regarding a movement. The era of television is long gone. People have moved over to the new age of consuming content, be it films or documentaries. Moreover, the accessibility to these platforms is easier than ever before.

Although we are yet to see how the film is received, it could be said that the release has the potential of further propelling HEX into the mainstream.

With the type of exposure Netflix and Prime Video will provide, the price of HEX might go to reach a whopping $10!

Since its debut in September 2021, HEX is arguably the only cryptocurrency that has doubled in price every 48 days. Early investors reported life-changing gains as the cryptocurrency outpaced every other cryptocurrency on the market. The heart became the undisputed king as a result of this development, and he gathered a legion of devoted followers.

At press time, HEX was trading at $0.137826.