Williston City Installs Crypto ATM for Payments at Its Airport

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Source; cointelegraph

Williston city in the US is installing crypto ATMs at its airport to facilitate crypto payments for air tickets. This will be the first city to host a crypto shop that will enable customers to pay efficiently for their utility bills.

The city is partnering with a crypto ATM operator-Coin Cloud to install the ATMs at Basin International Airport.

According to the city’s finance director Hercules Cummings, the step taken to introduce and engage the public in crypto while being proactive is a role that is ushering in the digital ecosystem era. Mr cummings also adds that.

Even though we look small, more so like a rural society, we are now going to make an impact. this small step is going to make way for the government and business entities to follow.”

Digital Currency Machines (DCMs) are the crypto ATMs belonging to Coin Cloud. The machines will allow the users to buy and sell over 40 Cryptos, including Bitcoin DOGE and ETH, among others.

Furthermore, users are also able to withdraw cash from their virtual wallets. According to Cummings, the city is neither taking the place of fund custodians nor managing any crypto transactions. He further emphasizes that the transactions will solely be under the management of Coin Cloud.

Purpose Of Installing the Williston City Crypto ATMs

Mr. Cummings explains that when a user buys crypto on exchanges, the bank directly handles the transaction through credit card, debit card, or wire transfer.

However, changing money to crypto through the DCMs will help users avoid charges on their bank accounts or cards. Both deposits and withdrawals processes will take place between your wallet and the DCM by simply using cash. Mr. Cummings adds that;

” Williston will be the first in the state of North Dakota and the third in the nation to offer this kind of service.”

The city is also partnering with Bitpay to ease the crypto payments struggles for its users’ utility bills. However, the city emphasizes that only utility bills are available for crypto payments.

After quality assessments and volume evaluation are complete, other bills like landfills, permits, and licenses will start the migration process.

Crypto Installations in Various Places

Williston city, however, is not the first to install crypto ATMs. Currently, the number of ATMs worldwide is over 30,000, with countries like Spain and Switzerland having over 120 ATMs each.

Just recently, Columbia took the approach and installed crypto ATMs. The high number of crypto ATMs is linked to the high percentage of money usage in the region. with these ATMs, the country will increase crypto adoption fast.

Walmart is also enjoying the crypto ATMs services. Currently, Walmart has over 8000 bitcoin ATMs spread across the country. According to the firm, this has increased customer options and awareness in crypto, giving them an easier way to buy BTC and other cryptos.

This shows that the future of money and payments is taking another shape altogether. Soon businesses and transactions will be migrating to crypto