Yooshi Crypto Price Prediction

Source: bsc.news/pos

Yooshi is a decentralized meme coin that works on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Its main aim is to grow into Yooshi Metaverse onto which the users can play, interact and buy. Yooshi is building a bridge between play to earn (P2E) games and players to make the gaming experience more fun and enable the players to earn. Currently, the Yooshi metaverse offers: 

YooShi GamePad

The gamepad is a gaming IDO gaming platform on Binance Smart Chain. It is NFT based to allow the developers to raise funds by selling the in-game assets as NFT.

YooShi GameFi Labs

The labs are independent game incubators that provide the developers with technical support and game designs to complete the development.

Yooshi Play-to-Earn Guild

This guild aims to help the low-income persons to earn as the play.

Also, Yooshi has an auction market onto which you can buy their NFTs using the Yooshi Coin.

Yooshi Tokenomics

At the time of writing, the Yooshi token is selling at $ 0.000003 with overall bullish market sentiment. Yooshi’s average daily trading volume is about $16.63 million with about a quadrillion coins in circulation. Yooshi has a volatility of 108.14% with a greedy market sentiment.

This shows that many investors are greedy to buy more of the token. Yooshi had an all time low of $0.000000044059 in June 2021 before going bullish to an all time high of $0.00000419 in October. The bullish rally caused more than 6000% value increase in Yooshi investments.

Currently, Yooshi is partnering with many large investors and companies. Their social image is also continually improving, making more people invest in it. This puts the Crypto in a very great position to improve its market valuation and prices. Also, the developers employ very effective burning mechanisms to reduce the number of circulating tokens and maintain a stable price

Yooshi Short Term Price Prediction

According to the CoinGecko charts, the predominant short term trend is bullish. After an impulsive move that set an all time high of $0.00000419, the price’s small corrective bearish run to the $0.00000214 price level before going bullish.

In November, the price didn’t break the all time high but set a monthly high of $0.00000363. Currently, the price is in a bearish correction. Since the main bias is bullish we are going to look for bullish investing and trading opportunities.

The prices might go to $0.00000214 where we have the support level and the $0.00000200 psychological point. At this point, we are expecting the price to continue with the main bullish trend and to break the all time high of $0.00000419. We expect this to happen by mid 2022.

Yooshi Long Term Price Prediction(2022- 2025)

Yooshi is attracting a lot of investment and more money from its online market. Also, since it focuses on the metaverse in a time when we are expecting a metaverse loom, the Yooshi token will do very well in the future.

The Technical analysis chart also predicts a long term bullish impulse. Yooshi might have a bearish corrective wave to the $0.00000200 psychological and supporting level before continuing with the bullish bias. We are expecting the range of the next bullish wave to be almost the same as the precious bullish impulse wave. So we are predicting prices to reach price levels of $0.00000800 by the end of 2024.

Is Yooshi a Good Investment

According to our technical and fundamental analyses, Yooshi is a good investment long term and short term. If it gets more investors and player, then it will do even better than our technical analysis predicts