Yooshi Hires Chikyu Bae


Yooshi GameFi metaverse has enlisted the services of Chikyu Bae, a high-profile member of Samsung Group. He takes up the CEO position for Yooshi Labs and will advise on how to make the games more immersive. Yooshi will benefit from Chikyu’s vast experience in the gaming industry.

Yooshi is thrilled to announce that Bae, the Vice President of Korea’s Blockchain Association, has joined their team. With his knowledge and expertise in crypto, Yooshi promises a welcoming experience for all its community members. Yooshi announced via a tweet on September 29.

“Dear #YooShifamily, we are glad to announce that Chikyu Bae, CEO of SAMSUNG Games, takes over as the first CEO of YooShiLabs!”

YooshiLabs is an independent game incubator that provides resources to blockchain-based developers. Developers who collaborate with Yooshi are furnished with a complete GameFi design system and technical support. Therefore, it makes developing games easier for them than otherwise without these aids from the Yooshi team of experts.

Announcement Excites The Yooshi Community

In an exciting move, one of the heads of Samsung Group has also joined Yooshi Labs. This is a feat in itself, and some have responded with applause on Twitter. Expectations are high as they expect that this development will bring about tremendous improvement in the game.

“Wow!!!!! Awesome. Some great innovative minds at #YOOSHI”, read one response.

“Holy hell, that’s an amazing bit of recruitment! Well done, guys!” tweeted another fan.

YooshiLabs is also doing well in sustaining the push behind its metaverse. Recently, it launched GameFi’s first play-to-earn guild alliance. The product has been met with overwhelming success and enthusiasm from gamers around the world.

Yooshi’s Gamepad has successfully launched two new and innovative titles. First, DNAxCAT is a creative fighting game where you can exchange your genetic data with other players to create an avatar. Or interact through their avatars. Besides, StarMon allows gamers to explore different universes via augmented reality by using NFT tags.

It’s hard to imagine a more fitting candidate for CEO than Chikyu Bae. Not only does he have the necessary experience, but he also has proven himself as an innovator.  

You can see how a Twitter user succinctly put it, “$Yooshi keeps making important little steps.”