20 New Nations Are ‘Begging’ to Join BRICS

Joshua Ramos
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Source: CNBC

With the BRICS Summit set to take place in August, expansion seems to be the dominant topic for the bloc. Moreover, in a recent discussion, Russian Diplomat Sergey Ryabkov stated that 20 nations are “begging” to join BRICS, with decisions on membership guidelines set to take place at the annual event.

The growth of the bloc has been a developing story for some time. Nevertheless, the list of interested countries is seemingly growing by the day. Now, it appears as though even more countries are heavily interested in joining the growing economic alliance.

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BRICS Alliance Has Countries Begging to Join

Throughout the year, the BRICS economic bloc has been a dominant headline. Specifically, its de-dollarization efforts have undoubtedly led to an impending shift in the global power balance. Moreover, the efforts are executed in service of the blocs seeking a multipolar world. With the growth of the bloc, it now seems like an inevitability. 

In a recent interview with Russian publication TASS, Diplomat Sergey Ryabkov stated that 20 nations are “begging” to join BRICS. The list of countries showing interest is not only growing but becoming more competitive as the upcoming summit approaches. 

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“The list of candidates for joining the association continues to increase. The number of states seeking to join this association is nearing twenty. It reflects BRICS’ growing and already considerable role in the international arena as an association of countries with similar positions,” Rabkov stated.

Additionally, Ryabkov noted, “I can say that, in our view, the Arab world and the Asia-Pacific region have been clearly ‘begging’ to join BRICS, as they have no representation there today.” Conversely, noting that the decision to enter is ultimately up to the BRICS leaders. 

Ryabkov added, “Discussions continue on what could be the criteria for joining BRICS, and South Africa has intensified this work.” Thus, ensuring the vitality of the upcoming BRICS summit. Here, we should see serious discussions given to the membership requests of all countries. Subsequently, the bloc would decide which nations meet the criteria.