10 Muslim-Majority Countries Seek to Join BRICS

Joshua Ramos
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With the annual BRICS summit fast approaching, the concept of expansion has been a dominant topic of discussion. Moreover, as more nations seek entry seemingly by the day, there are reportedly now 10 Muslim-majority countries that seek to join BRICS. 

The economic bloc has talked favorably about expansion in recent weeks. Moreover, with the BRICS+ gathering set to be a vital part of the summit, expansionary guidelines could come to fruition. Thereafter, uncovering what countries would be sure to join the alliance would be a much simpler discussion.

BRICS Expansion All But Confirmed

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The year has seemingly seen a rise in relevance for the BRICS economic bloc. Beginning with Western sanctions placed on the collective, the alliance has embraced de-dollarization efforts amidst its rapid growth. Subsequently, a plethora of developing nations have sought entry into the bloc as its annual summit arrives in just a few months. 

Specifically, there are 10 Muslim-Majority countries that are reportedly seeking to BRICS. Subsequently, these nations could be set to fortify the geopolitical alliance. Thus, presenting more assistance to the bloc’s quest for a multipolar world. 

The Chinese Ambassador to Russia, Zhang Hanhui, has noted that 13 nations have shown interest in joining. Specifically, they stated, “Not only the leaders of the five BRICS (countries) took part in the three BRICS+ events, but also the leaders of the other 13 developing countries.” 

Those statements follow a similar remark made by Russian deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov. Indeed, he referenced 20 countries that sought entry into the bloc. “We urge other BRICS participants to be open when deciding to take on new members, noting that Russia likes the idea of taking on Arab and Asia-Pacific countries because the economic bloc clacks their representation,” he stated.

10 Muslim-Majority Countries to Join the Bloc?

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Among the Muslim-majority nations seeking entry into the bloc is Algeria. Specifically, the country had already announced in November that it had formally submitted an application to join the collective, which was welcomed by both Russia and China. 

Additionally, countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt have confirmed their interest in joining the bloc. They are joined by nations like Bangladesh, which has also submitted official applications recently. 

Those nations are joined by Indonesia, which has speculated about entry into the collective. Additionally, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has consistently been viewed as a positive addition. Finally, Syria and Sudan have been speculated on as potential additions to the BRICS alliance.