30 Countries Now Ready To Accept BRICS Currency

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BRICS Leaders Countries
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A growing number of countries are showing interest to join the BRICS alliance and accept the new currency. BRICS could soon become BRICS+ as the South African ambassador, Anil Sooklal hinted that the alliance could expand this year. The decision to allow other countries to join the bloc could be taken at the next summit in August in South Africa. Sooklal confirmed that more than a dozen countries have formally and informally applied to join BRICS, according to Bloomberg.

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The alliance would become stronger after expansion as their GDPs would race ahead of the U.S. and other Western powers. This could put the dollar and the Euro on the back foot as developing nations might end reliance on the USD. Therefore, BRICS stands in a better position to usher in a new global financial order than at any time before.

30 Countries Are Now Interested In BRICS Currency

Source: Global Times

According to the latest report, 25 countries are ready to join BRICS and accept the new currency for international trade. The countries that have shown interest to join the BRICS alliance are Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sudan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

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BRICS comprises five countries Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Therefore, a total of 30 countries are now participating to dethrone the U.S. dollar from its global reserve status.

If these many countries ditch the dollar and begin cross-border transactions with a new currency, the USD could be hit. The dollar could weaken on a global scale and find no means to fund its deficit. The soon-to-be-released BRICS currency could have the power to eliminate the dollar’s dominance internationally.

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The countries that are interested to join BRICS are also oil-rich nations. Therefore, the alliance could force European countries to pay with the new currency for oil and not the dollar. Read here to know how many sectors in the U.S. could be affected if this development takes place.