After Shiba Inu, Solana, Polygon, and Compound make it to Robinhood

Sahana Kiran
Source – Forbes

Amidst wild celebrations among the Shib Army, the other assets like Solana [SOL], Polygon [MATIC], and Compound [COMP] were overlooked. News flash, Shiba Inu [SHIB] wasn’t the only coin that made it to the Robinhood app.

Robinhood, a prominent trading platform recently opened its doors to an array of cryptocurrencies. This list included Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] as well as Dogecoin [DOGE]. After this addition, the platform garnered immense success and even pocketed major gains. As a result, the firm intended on broadening its crypto portfolio with a few other assets. Last year, CEO Vlad Tenev clarified that they were looking for regulatory clarity before listing any other assets. It seems like Robinhood got its clarity as four new assets were on its radar.

Solana has managed to garner immense interest from the community over the last couple of months. The use cases and value of the altcoin were highlighted. Therefore, the addition of Solana did not come as a surprise to the community.

Earlier today, the crypto market was smeared in red. However, this announcement changed the bearish notion for some assets. Shiba Inu scored big with nearly 7 percent gains. Solana took home only 2 percent while MATIC bagged 3.73 percent profits following the news.

The addition of COMP came as a surprise to many. The 88th largest cryptocurrency surged by nearly 6 percent thanks to Robinhood.

Bitcoin via Lightning Network Robinhood’s next addition?

Platforms that have been listing Bitcoin have been onboarding the Lightning Network [LN] as well. Eyeing faster and more cost-efficient transactions, LN seems to be making a come back into the market. Robinhood was elevating its presence in the crypto biz with an array of developments. Integration of LN could be the next one.

This year’s Bitcoin conference paved the way for several pertinent updates. Robinhood hopped onto the bandwagon and revealed that it planned on adding Bitcoin Lightning Network.