Apple to Develop its Own OpenAI ChatGPT Rival

Joshua Ramos
Apple Ceo TIM COOK

In what will surely continue to drive the generative AI race, Apple is reportedly set to develop its very own OpenAI ChatGPT rival. The company follows similar attempts taken by massive tech giants like Google to compete in the emerging sector.

Bloomberg reported that Apple has been quite working on its own Apple GPT project. Moreover, the company has worked to develop its own large-scale language models with an internal chatbot. However, executives are reportedly unsure how to best release the project to users.

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Apple Developing its own OpenAI Rival

The year so far has seen a notable increase in demand for generative AI technology. Following the viral sensation that ChatGPT became, users sought out products that could deliver similarly impressive results. Therefore setting off an AI arms race among some of the largest tech companies on the planet. 

Now, Apple is reportedly set to develop its very own OpenAI ChatGPT rival. Specifically, the company is said to be hard at work developing its very own alternative to the immensely popular product. Competing with similar projects developed by Google and even Elon Musk. 

Source: Mint

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The report notes that the company has not yet devised a release strategy but has worked to develop its own large-scale language models. In the generative AI space, language models work as the foundation of any kind of chatbot technology. Subsequently, these massive projects became the basis for projects like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. 

Apple has reportedly developed its very own language model named Ajax. Moreover, it has crafted its very own chatbot service that has internally been referred to as Apple GPT. The AI push has taken over the entire tech sector, but Apple certainly has the engineering capabilities to be a massive competitor. Whether or not they can compete with OpenAI and their Microsoft partnership, however, remains to be seen.