How to Check Axie Infinity Server Problem


Being a very technical game, Axie Infinity developers keep on releasing new updates quite often.

Similar to other traditional games, Axie Infinity also has its fair issues originating from the server. Axie is a very famous game with over 1 million users getting in every day. Because of the high number of users, there will be a server breakdown inconveniencing the players.

Remember therefore that the servers may have a limitation of the number of users who are supposed to be online simultaneously. Therefore if the server is overloaded with the number of users, as you play you will get a notification, saying server down.

How to Check Whether You Have Axie Infinity Server Problems

There is no official website for Axie that particularly belongs to its server. However, there are various other options that you can hop on. One of these ways is by looking at the Axie infinity discord or subreddit.

These are good places, to begin with because you will get to know if other society members are experiencing the same Axie Infinity server problem. Many players will comment when the server has a problem and if not then it means the problem is not widespread.

The Discord server will also notify you whether there is a problem with the Axie server. There are always official announcements from Axie as well as their Twitter handle. Therefore it is important that you always visit these platforms first when you experience such a problem.

Furthermore, you can also check on the Axie information website. In the Axie area, you will find a tracker that keeps on updating the Axie infinity game server status. it will show you whether you have a server problem or not. However, use it with other sources in order to be completely sure of the problem.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is one of the crypto chain games, developed by the Sky Mavis company. Recently the number of people applying crypto even in games has gone high. Players play and earn money as a bonus for subscribing to their economy.

Unfortunately, players can only get the game by registering online. However, plans of launching a free-to-play version are underway. NFTs and crypto have found a way to grow their economy by allowing players to earn real money.

Is Axie Infinity Legitimate

Several concerned people have questioned whether Axie is legit. The game has grown to be very famous, attracting so many players. The players have to invest money, play the game and get some profits from it.

Axie is completely legit and you can earn from it. one of the ways you can earn is by farming SLP tokens. To earn SLP tokens, you have to battle the monsters in an adventure mode and also battle other players in the field.

Besides that, you can make money on Axie Infinity by breeding and selling Axie. But keep in mind that you will still need the SLP tokens to achieve this. However, if you are capable of buying the Axies you are in a better position to start earning by building more of the Axies.