BitBoy Raises $50000 in 5 Hours: Crypto Community ‘Pissed’

Lavina Daryanani
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Prominent YouTuber Ben Armstrong, more commonly known as “Bitboy” previously, recently filed a lawsuit against Hit Network CEO Timothy “TJ” Shedd Jr. and father Timothy Shedd Sr. for removing him from the media company he created in 2018. The filing alleged that the Shedds “began conspiring to steal the company from Armstrong” a few months ago. They illegally locked Armstrong out of various email and social media accounts, and were “misappropriating, diverting, converting, and wasting” Armstrong’s company’s funds and assets for personal gain, the YouTuber contended.

In a recent post on X [formerly Twitter], Armstrong said that he had been blackmailed, extorted, publicly humiliated, and threatened to death. He claimed that he was going through “the most traumatic experience” of his life. He attested that Hit Network had taken away “all” his money. Thus, he is now in a situation where he cannot continue fighting legally without financial aid.

He outrightly asked for funding support on X from all people who have ever “benefitted” from his work. He affixed Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano addresses.

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Zero ‘Smart Money’ Addresses Step Forward to Help Armstrong

At press time, the Ethereum wallet address’s balance was at the brink of $51,000. A total of 64 inflow transactions had been registered.

Source: Etherscan

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People from the community are not pleased with Armstrong. Blockchain detective ZachXBT, pointed out that Armstrong was “flexing” a Rolex watch in one of his recent video thumbnail. Pseudonymous futures trader ‘Satoshi Flipper’ posted that he was pissed seeing people help Armstrong, while several others remained in disbelief and did not refrain from labelling his act as “begging.” Another pseudonymous trader, CoinMamba, asserted,

“I’m sure there are better uses for your money than donating to Bitboy.”

Anlytics platform Nansen also cautioned community members by confirming that no entity that had a proven profit-making track record had donated to Bitboy. Its post noted,

0 smart money addresses have donated. That tells you all you need to know…

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