Bitcoin 2024: PlanB Predicts $100k Amidst New Year Rallies

Sahana Kiran
Source – Watcher Guru

From a more technical standpoint, Jan. 3 is considered the true beginning of Bitcoin as both a store of value and a transferable currency. On this noteworthy date, Bitcoin (BTC) initiated the year with a trading value of $45,358.60. This demonstrates stability without significant fluctuations throughout the day.

Confident Predictions by PlanB

Amid the positive commencement of the year, well-known on-chain analyst PlanB expresses assurance that Bitcoin is on track to surpass the six-figure mark in 2024. With a substantial following of 1.9 million on the social media platform X, PlanB discloses a set of forecasts for the year. He emphasized that these predictions have remained unchanged since late 2022. This was a period marked by the depths of the bear market.

One notable Bitcoin prediction by PlanB for 2024 is the declaration that “we will hit $100k.” Reflecting on his projections from 2021, where he anticipated a higher price than Bitcoin ultimately attained PlanB acknowledges that his models may have slightly overshot the mark back then. Nevertheless, the analyst maintains unwavering confidence that, over time, the general forecasts outlined in the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) models will materialize. This will result in significantly higher Bitcoin prices in the years ahead.

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Learning from Previous Projections

PlanB acknowledges the potential for his past price models to have slightly overshot the actual outcomes. However, he remains resolute in his belief that the broader predictions outlined by the S2F models will unfold in the long run. The analyst’s optimistic perspective aligns with the notion that Bitcoin’s fundamentals and scarcity will propel its value to new heights, overcoming short-term variations.

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Bitcoin inaugurates the new year with a trading value of $45,358.60 and minimal fluctuations. Meanwhile, the optimistic forecasts by PlanB for 2024 resonate within the crypto community. The analyst’s unwavering confidence in Bitcoin reaching $100k, despite potential discrepancies in past predictions, reflects a broader belief in the cryptocurrency’s resilience and long-term potential.