Bitcoin Fees Skyrocket Following Ordinals Recent Surge

Vignesh Karunanidhi
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Source: Watcher Guru

Transaction fees on the Bitcoin network have spiked to their highest level since the meme coin frenzy in May 2023, driven by a resurgence in activity around Ordinals.

According to BitInfoCharts, average Bitcoin transaction fees hit $6.84 on Wednesday, nearly a 1000% increase from August lows around $0.64. The surge comes as over 1.9 million Ordinal NFTs have been minted on the blockchain in the past two weeks.

Ordinals allow users to embed NFT data into Bitcoin transactions. Demand for the NFTs spiked earlier this year amid the meme coin mania before cooling off. But crypto exchange Binance’s recent listing of the Ordinals token ORDI has renewed interest.

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Renewed activity and fees provide a boost for Bitcoin miners

With fees making up around 8.5% of their revenue, the renewed activity is a boon for Bitcoin miners. This could help offset declining block rewards expected after Bitcoin’s next halving event in 2024.

Higher transaction fees also come as a positive sign for BTC’s utility and activity. The return of NFT speculation on the blockchain reignites concerns over the unnecessary bloating of the BTC blockchain with non-essential data. The trend highlights the technology’s ongoing scaling challenges.

While innovative, NFTs become problematic when minting grows excessively and drives up fees for regular users. As adoption expands, solutions that keep Bitcoin reliably useful and accessible will remain imperative.