Bitcoin Millionaire Found Dead After Missing for a Week

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Pixabay

Dr. John Forsyth, the co-founder of the referral-based crypto project ONFO coin, was reported missing in Missouri on May 21. Unfortunately, Forsyth was discovered dead on May 30 with what seemed to be a gunshot wound. However, police do not suspect any possible foul play at the moment. Apart from being a crypto supporter, Forsyth was also a Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire.

When Forsyth failed to show up for his shift at the Mercy Hospital in Cassville, family members began to worry. Forsyth was an emergency room doctor. Soon after, his family posted a social media plea for information concerning his location. Richard Forsyth, the deceased Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire’s younger brother, told the Daily Beast that the fact that he missed a shift was “an immediate red flag.” On May 28, authorities discovered Forsyth’s vehicle parked less than a mile from the hospital.

It is still not clear if the shooting of Forsyth was related to his crypto holdings, or if it was something else entirely. The police are currently investigating the matter.

More about the Bitcoin and crypto enthusiast

In 2020, 49-year-old Forsyth and his brother co-founded the ONFO coin. The crypto project allegedly enables users to earn rewards by referring other people. The firm called the method “network mining.” ONFO uses videos on YouTube to promote itself. Videos like THE US DOLLAR IS DOOMED, which was uploaded on YouTube in 2021, show how the U.S. currency is headed for disaster. However, there haven’t been any videos uploaded in the last year.

According to Forbes in 2020, John Forsyth is a “Bitcoin millionaire.” Forsyth was exposed to Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technologies while he was an undergraduate math student.

Forsyth’s death followed that of Bob Lee, the architect of the Cash App and the former vice president of technology at Square. Lee died from a stab wound in April. On April 13, authorities made an arrest, although they made no comments on the reason behind the assault.