Bitcoin Week in El Salvador Starts Today: LABITCONF

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Bitcoin week in El Salvador Starts today. El Salvador is a state that is respected by the crypto community. State adoption of Bitcoin helps to increase the coin’s stability, and this week, it is Bitcoin Week in the state.

LABITCONF, the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference, has started today, 15 November, and is set to end on the 20th of this month. The five-day conference is taking place in El Salvador, with its host as San Salvador.

The key aim of the event is to bring together the most brilliant minds in the Bitcoin industry, both local and international entrepreneurs. El Salvador is an optimal place because it is the only country globally that has accepted Bitcoin.

Key Speakers

The following are the key speakers in the Bitcoin Week in El Salvador, all Bitcoin specialists, and entrepreneurs. 

  • Max Keiser
  • Anita Posch
  • Casa’s Jameson Lopp
  • Stephan Livera

Goals of the Conference

LABITCONF is a non-profit event in its ninth year of running. The event’s organizer is Bitcoin Iberoam√©rica Foundation, intending to help individuals in Latin America find sovereignty and improve on financial freedom using Bitcoin and its benefits.

Rodolfo Andragnes, the founder of LABITCONF, states that the conference is to help people overcome the fear of the unknown. Rodolfo says that human beings naturally fear what they do not understand, for example, the fear of  Meta. The conference helps to teach and create an understanding and knowledge of Blockchain and Bitcoin. 

It aims to create a safe space for Latin Americans to engage with Bitcoin entrepreneurs and specialists. It also helps sensitize the local governments on what Bitcoin could do for the region.

El Salvador is the first nation to agree on Bitcoin adoption. This week is going to be exciting. The conference started on a high note with several hackathons included and will be more exciting tomorrow.

You can find tickets to the conference at LABITCONF’s website, 

Partners of the Event 

LABITCONF has also partnered with some the biggest names in the crypto industry which include:

Activities for Conference Attendees

In addition to great partnerships, the Bitcoin week in El Salvador promises amazing and engaging activities for all its attendees. Some of the activities are:

  • Q and A Sessions are covering ways in which Bitcoin will affect El Salvador and other states in the region
  • Hybrid Hackathon
  • Talks with international and local accountants and attorneys on insights to start, maintain and expand a business
  • Listening to music
  • Ancillary art

“To Mars Together”

The Motto of the week is to “inspire a generation of leaders in Latin America”s burgeoning blockchain space.” However, this year’s theme is “To Mars Together,” even seen in the attendees’ wristbands.


Bitcoin conferences help educate the masses on the usefulness of cryptocurrencies. El Salvador and Latin America will be among the wealthiest states and regions globally due to early Bitcoin adoption and sensitizing users on it using conferences. Everybody is early to Bitcoin. There will never be such a time as this. #Labitconf #BitcoinWeek!