BlackRock Calls Bitcoin the ‘Most Widely Adopted’ Digital Asset

Joshua Ramos
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Source: Coinsturn

In a recent video discussing the asset, BlackRock has called Bitcoin “the most widely adopted digital asset in the world.” The asset management firm’s US Head of Thematics and Alternative ETFs, Jay Jacobs, noted the cryptocurrency’s immense status and promise in a video published this week.

BlackRock was one of the most prominent firms to be greenlit to issue the United States inaugural Spot Bitcoin ETF products. Since its arrival in early January, it has proven to be a massive success, driving the overall digital asset industry forward.

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BlackRock Calls Bitcoin “Most Widely Adopted” Cryptocurrency

The digital asset market observed a landmark event at the start of the year when the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the issuance of Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Its presence has opened a brand new avenue of embrace for the asset from institutional investors.

Yet, the hype around the asset has created a host of interested traders who are still learning about the digital currency. In a new video highlighting the importance of BTC to the public, BlackRock called Bitcoin the “most widely adopted digital asset in the world.”

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In the video, Jacobs highlighted the decentralized aspects of Bitcoin, along with explaining the “innovative structure” of blockchain technology. The firm highlighted the transparency and security that this creates, and why it fortiy’s BTCs overall importance to the sector.

“Today, many view Bitcoin beyond a form of payment,” Jacobs said. “Some investors view Bitcoin as a store of value, a potential hedge against inflation, a bet on blockchain innovation and adoption.”

Overall, the sentiment is the true value of Bitcoin as a currency. Moreover, the asset management firm has correctly identified the rapid ascension that it has enjoyed. The presence of these investment products should only further adoption through the ease of accessibility it creates for many investors unfamiliar with digital asset exposure.