Bots for Axie Infinity: Everything You Need to Know


Axie Infinity is a gamers crypto coin started in 2021. The game is a Crypto verse based on inspiration from Pokémon, where users can play, earn tokens, and also contribute to the ecosystem. Players battle, win, and also build for the Pokémon pets, just like the movie and animation. Therefore, a bot for Axie infinity is very crucial, hence the creation of AxieBot.


The AxieBot is an automation protocol bot for Axie Infinity. Communities use the bot to generate Axie genetic data and art assets for easy access to third parties. The bot also has full integration with Ronin Wallet and is an extension of the Chrome browser.

Top Features:

1. AxieBot gives detailed account information on several features, which are:

  • Address details
  • The number of your Axies
  • Your AXS Balance
  • A total of the SLP Count

2. Analytics API

An API is also used to integrate third-party applications, mostly user interfaces, to the main application, in this case, Axie Bot. Axie Bots analytics API shows :

  • The Graph of your Sales
  • The Graph of your Purchases

3. An Advanced Inventory System

The inventory system helps to keep track and records of all account and universe happenings, these include. It achieves this through:

  • Unique sorting features
  • Searching tools
  • Statistics on hover

4 . Market Place Enhancer

The Axie Infinity Universe constitutes buyers and sellers of art and Pokemon. It is a metaverse; therefore, it has a marketplace with real transactions. The marketplace enhancer constitutes of:

  • A pricing helper
  • An auto-buy feature
  • An auto-sell feature
  • Sorting tools

5. Updated Stats Manager

The stats manager keeps a store of several statistical analyses the bot performs. The bot also performs an analysis on the:

  •  Breed Count
  •  Speed
  •  HP
  •  Purity
  •  EXP
  • Damage table, which is a new feature

Functions of AxieBot

Consequently, AxieBot comes with different functionality which include:

1. AxieBot helps you keep track of your balances and manage your finances.

2. It also helps you make money in Axie Infinite.

3. AxieBot further helps to boost your sales and makes you earn more through the autosale feature.


Ronin Wallet allows for full integration of the Axie bot. The wallet is also the official sidechain wallet for Axie Infinity’s Sky Mavis blockchain.

Axie Infinity aims to achieve decentralization fully through bot integration. Axie also aims to achieve this through AXS, which is distributed among stakers and players. Subsequently, this distribution makes ownership of Sky Marvis become less centralized and concentrated over time.

Bot Development

The bot is not fully developed but is still in its Beta stages. Sky Mavis team, however, protects its users from hostile actors disrupting the ecosystem during the early stages of development. Sky Mavis can vote using the locked Play to Earn and Staking rewards allocations by supporting Ronin Wallet.

Additional Information on AxieBot

  • Extension: Chrome Browser
  • Version : 2.2.6
  • Update: 9 September 2021
  • Size: 1.83MiB
  • Twitter: Axie_Infinity Bot  @_AxieBot
  • Developer: Axie Universe Modding
  • Current number of users: 771
  • Stars Rating: 109

Axies for the Future

Axie is a good cryptocurrency bluechip project with promising gains. Users can earn through but can interact with the “universe” and create art while playing. It is an inspiration in the crypto world.