BRICS Calls for ‘Total Reform’ of Global Governance

Joshua Ramos
BRICS nations leaders

With the BRICS summit just a month away, the bloc has called for “Total Reform” of global governance. Specifically, in a recent interview, South African BRICS Ambassador, Anil Sooklal discussed the hope of the bloc as it approaches the important event.

The summit is likely to be the setting for discussions regarding the expansion of the alliance. Indeed, it has long discussed the prospect of countries joining its ranks, with many submitting membership requests. Subsequently, its motives for its global influence came into focus with Sooklal’s recent statements.

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BRICS Seeking Total Reform

Over the past few weeks, the development of the BRICS bloc has been front and center. Indeed, discussions over potential expansion and alternative currency development have dominated the headlines. Moreover, with that summit approaching, those discussions are set to be solidified.

In a recent interview, the South African BRICS ambassador called for “total reform” of global governance ahead of the summit. Specifically, he has referenced the current structure, which may cease to be effective in an ever-changing world.

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Source: CNBC

“Our track record for the past 15 years has demonstrated that. We have been consistent, and we have been calling for a total reform of the global governance architecture,” Sooklal stated. Additionally, referring to the current system as “outdated and totally out of sync with the global reality that we have in 2023.”

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Currently, the bloc is made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. However, discussions of expansion have abounded for the past several months. Nations like Saudi Arabia, and Iran have been adamant about their place in the bloc, with their aid to its efforts undeniable.

The summit should see a collective outline of membership requirements. Thereafter, a new set of guidelines should facilitate the first entries into the BRICS+ expansion initiative. Moreover, the growth of the bloc should preface its eventual challenge to the current global governance systems.