BRICS: Iran Increasing Its Efforts to Join the Bloc

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The BRICS summit is just a few weeks away, and Iran is notably increasing its efforts to attempt to join the economic alliance. Indeed, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for economic diplomacy, Mehdi Safari, has spoken about the strengthening of ties with the alliance.

Specifically, Safari notes that the country is hoping its renewed efforts will lead to its inclusion into the bloc. Currently, the summit is scheduled to feature a host of heads of state seeking similar outcomes. However, with expansion plans having featured some disagreement, there are questions regarding the fruition of the plans in August. 

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Iran Ramping up Efforts to Join BRICS

The 2023 BRICS summit will undoubtedly be a notable point in the bloc’s development. There, the member states will discuss the long-term prospect of expansion. Specifically, featuring a host of over 40 countries that are all seeking entry to the alliance and the voice of the global south. 

However, with the BRICS event fast approaching, Iran is increasing its efforts to be accepted into the bloc. Specifically, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for economic diplomacy commented on those efforts. Stating the nation’s hopes that its actions will impact the ultimate decision of membership by the bloc.

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Safari said, “We are making efforts so that the members of the economic group, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, will accept Iran’s membership.”

Iran has long been viewed as a potential benefit to BRICS, but the country is not alone. As we previously stated, more than 40 countries have submitted requests to join the economic alliance. Moreover, those include some rather large economic states like Saudi Arabia. 

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Alternatively, there appears to be some dissension among the bloc on the logistics of expansion. Specifically, Brazil and India have expressed concern regarding growth. Conversely, China has championed the expansionary procedures that the bloc has considered. 

For Iran to capitalize on the expansion, the bloc must first be comfortable with its protocols. Until then, there likely won’t be any concrete inclusions. However, its efforts could place it slightly ahead of countries like Egypt and Algeria. As well as a plethora of other countries that have expressed interest in joining.