BRICS: Putin and South Africa Discuss Ukraine Resolution

Joshua Ramos
Source: Reuters

As the two nations are discussing the Russian President’s presence at the BRICS Summit, both Putin and South Africa have reportedly discussed a Ukraine resolution. Moreover, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa had a phone call with Putin regarding the ongoing issues with his arrest warrant ahead of the summit.

Within that meeting, Reuters reported that the two leaders discussed the conflict. Specifically, the presidents discussed “issues related to the well-known African initiative to find a solution to the Ukrainian conflict,” the report stated. 

Source: The NewYork Times

Russia and South Africa Discuss Ukraine Conflict

With the BRICS summit taking place in Johannesburg in August, questions regarding Putin’s presence have abounded. Specifically, an arrest warrant issued against the president has created questions regarding its location. Even amidst South Africa’s attempts at granting visiting leaders diplomatic immunity

Subsequently, the two leaders recently held a meeting regarding those issues. However, it was there that the BRICS summit was discussed by Putin and South Africa, as well as a potential resolution to the conflict in Ukraine. 

In a recent meeting regarding the upcoming BRICS Summit, Putin and South Africa had discussed a potential Ukraine resolution
Source: NPR

Specifically, a “solution to the Ukrainian conflict,” had been part of the conversation. Moreover, the report affirms that Putin is set to receive several African heads of state to discuss the ongoing conflict. Additionally, other reports affirm that President Ramaphosa is set to visit both Moscow and Kyiv. Moreover, the visit will see the president, “try and mediate in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” one report suggests. 

Conversely, the development arrives as Ramaphosa has appointed a cabinet of envoys to the G7 nations. Furthermore, reports suggest that the President will use these ambassadors to “explain South Africa’s position on the Ukraine conflict.” Subsequently, despite disapproval globally, South Africa has maintained neutrality regarding the ongoing conflict. 

However, recent discussions of meditation and resolution could be optimistic signs. Moreover, the South African official could be seeking an end to the conflict’s effects on the overall BRICS bloc. Recognizing a resolution would be beneficial to the collective as a whole. Especially as the BRICS summit and talks of expansion are set to arrive in just a few months.