BRICS: Saudi Arabia Will Become the Next Europe, Says MBS

Vinod Dsouza
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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave a rousing speech on Sunday talking about the future of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia recently joined the BRICS alliance, and the oil-rich nation is looking to become the “next Europe”. MBS said in the speech that Arab countries will become bigger than Europe in the next five years. He stressed that the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Jordan, and Lebanon, among others, will have a robust economy.

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MBS said that the next global renaissance will begin in the Middle East and become the next Europe in the coming years. “I believe the Middle East will be the new Europe. In 5 years, Saudi Arabia will be a completely different country.”

“I want to see the Middle East on top of the world before I die,” Saudi Arabia’s exclaimed Crown Prince MBS. His speech was met with a standing ovation as he said, “I want to see the Middle East on top of the world before I die.”

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BRICS: Saudi Arabia, The UAE Powers Middle East to Financially Take on Europe

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MBS explained that BRICS members Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the Middle East must focus on overtaking Europe financially. “This is the Saudi war. This is my war,” he said indicating that the economic war will soon begin. BRICS is convincing oil-producing countries in the Middle East to accept local currencies and ditch the U.S. dollar for trade.

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The phenomenon is playing out in real-time as the Middle East could accept local currencies for oil trade. Read here to know what could happen to the U.S. dollar if BRICS and Saudi Arabia completely ditch the greenback. A powerful BRICS could turn the tides and tilt the financial power from the West to the East.