BRICS: Will Palestine Join The Alliance After UN Rejection?

state of Palestine flag brics

Palestine was one of many applicants to the BRICS alliance in 2024. The West-Asian country also formally applied to become a full member of the United Nations, which was declined on Thursday. With this veto of admission to the UN from the United States, will Palestine opt to join the BRICS alliance and oppose the US instead?

Palestine applied to join BRICS in 2023 but was not one of the countries that received a formal induction. However, the country may still look to try again this year following its rejection from the UN. The bloc has been an ally of Palestine, and they issued special resolutions in favor of the country in July 2023.

Palestine would benefit greatly from joining BRICS, primarily in the trade and economic improvement area. Joining BRICS grants the country access to relationships with powerful countries like China, Brazil, Egypt, and Russia. In return, Palestine offers yet another reliable source of natural resources such as oil. Also, if it desires revenge on the US and West for not admitting the country into the UN, Palestine may see joining BRICS as a good alternative.

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On the other hand, one reason that might make it difficult to join BRICS is the ongoing war and conflict in the region. The Israel-Hamas war is running rampant in Palestine, and the primary focus is ending that conflict. Therefore, joining the alliance may not be mission number one for the country for some time.

The decision to induct new countries including Palestine will be jointly taken by BRICS at the upcoming summit. The next summit will be held in Russia later this summer.