Buying Bitcoin makes you a Psychopath? This study says so

Sahana Kiran
Source – Pixabay

The Bitcoin community is not even surprised anymore. From relentless comparisons to random studies that label crypto bugs oddballs, the community seems to be over it. While a lot of crypto projects have made it seem like the industry entails assets that run on pump and dump mechanisms, the good ones go unnoticed. There’s a bad apple in every bunch, but it quite often shadows the legit ones. Similarly, the study and knowledge required to completely understand BTC and Ethereum [ETH] are extensive. Yet, a recent study revealed that crypto fans exhibit anti-social characteristics.

An academic journal called, Personality and Individual Differences decided to venture into the crypto-verse and check out the psychology of Bitcoiners. Researchers reportedly concluded that individuals that purchased crypto inhibited ‘dark tetrad’ like behavior. This phenomenon was formulated two decades ago by Canadian psychologists. According to them, this term is used for people who exhibit characteristics of narcissism, sadism, psychopathy as well as Machiavellianism.

Even though Bitcoin was created to break free from the constraints of the government, it had to succumb to regulators. With heavy scrutiny in place, the crypto industry tries to battle it out. Here’s why Machiavellianism intervenes. The study pointed out that Machiavellians are usually people who have no trust in their government.

The author of the study, Dr. Di Wang added,

“Many crypto supporters believe governments are corrupt, and crypto avoids government corruption.”

Furthermore, the study included a total of 566 people. Out of this one in four participants reportedly held crypto. Whereas two-thirds expressed interest in investing.

Here’s what Crypto Twitter thinks about this study

While some brushed it off as a mere joke, a few others were enraged about the study. The author of the study outrightly said,

“To them, perhaps both the pleasure from seeing another’s pain and the fear of missing out are related to selfishness.”

Cobie took to Twitter and called out the study,

Another Twitter user wrote,

“Ignorant article. From both a crypto perspective and a mental health advocacy perspective.”

It seems like vengeance against crypto persists despite its impeccable growth and contribution to society.