Can you Mine Crypto on your Internet Browser?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: MIT Technology Review

Mining is one of the most resource-intensive activities within the crypto and blockchain industry. Although current market conditions are not lucrative for miners, the situation is not always as bad. Crypto mining is a very profitable venture when things are, aligned and the markets are in your favor.

However, mining was not always as expensive as it is today. Mining crypto using an internet browser was common back when Bitcoin (BTC) was cheap. Moreover, the practice did not require heavy gear. It all started in 2011 with the debut of’s unique service. Browser-based crypto mining was believed to be extinct until its improbable comeback in the latter half of 2017, with the boom in cryptocurrency popularity.

What is browser-based crypto mining?

As the name suggests, browse-based mining takes place over the internet, using your internet browser. The method uses a scripting language to mine cryptos. Contrary to the more well-known file-based cryptocurrency mining strategy, this methodology does not require special software.

When browser mining started in 2011, it was cheap and user-friendly. Users could register and add scripts to their sites to allow visitors to mine for them. It employed JavaScript code for pooled mining. Back then, browser-based cryptocurrency miners could only mine Bitcoin (BTC). But more recently, browser-based miners have also been used to mine newer cryptos like Monero.

How does browser mining work?

One can increase their mining power by adding mining code to websites and using visitors’ computing power. Moreover, by using the computational power of website users, browser mining allows miners to cut down on hardware and energy costs.

One cryptocurrency that permits browse mining is Monero. The hashing method employed by several PoW blockchains, RandomX, is used by the coin.

It is sufficient to mention that individuals searching for additional sources of income are increasingly attracted to this creative method. However, browser mining may also be misused to execute cryptocurrency mining scripts on unaware users. Cryptojacking, also known as mining without explicit user agreement, is often carried out via inserting JavaScript code on a website or mobile application. Users should be cautious about the websites and applications they visit and the rights they allow these services to prevent this.

To get started, users can install third-party services such as CryptoTab Browser. Brave browser crypto mining is another option that interested individuals can look into. The Brave browser also enables users to engage with decentralized apps (Dapps).