Cardano founder: Vasil looks ‘good’ & ship is ‘steady’

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Cryptopolitan

Cardano’s Vasil hard fork has already been delayed a couple of times. As such, the said upgrade intends to reduce the size of transactions, and boost the network’s transactional ability. Alongside, the transaction fee is also set to shrink, making it Cardano’s “biggest” and “best” upgrade.

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Developers, on their part, are focussed on quality and want to get things right as opposed to rushing into the hard fork. With respect to how things stand at the moment, Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson said in a recent YouTube stream,

“Vasil is looking good.”

He further added that he was “pretty happy with v. 1.35.3.” Towards the end of last week, the team released the said node, and per developer notes,

“Node 1.35.3 fixes some important issues with previous versions of the node and provides some CLI enhancements. The node provides full Vasil-era capabilities.”

Having said that, it should be borne in mind that none of the known issues were considered to be blockers for the mainnet hard fork. The team has already tried out nodes v.1.35.1 and v.1.35.2, and per Hoskinson, the latest one could be the final version for the hard fork. Elaborating on the same in the video, he said,

“1.35.3 is out, and that’s probably going to be the node unless something is discovered that the hard fork combinator event is pushed for. So it’s being rapidly adopted and tested and played around with by the community.”

The Cardano founder further affirmed,

“The ship is steady, and that’s what a cryptocurrency should be, and that’s what a blockchain ecosystem should be.”

Cardano’s big picture

On the on-chain front, Cardano’s continues to remain the second most active chain. Over the past day, it settled over $7.43 billion worth of transactions. Only Bitcoin managed to stand higher, posing a reading of $13.41 billion.

Source: Messari

Despite faring decently on the network front, critics like Mark Cuban continue to feel that other networks, like Dogecoin, have more utility than Cardano. Last week, the American entrepreneur went on to claim that “no one” outside of Twitter ADA followers has ever told him that they use a particular app on Cardano. He further asserted that the visibility of the ecosystem’s games, DeFi, NFTs, etc. is only limited to the Cardano “church.”

Defending the network in the latest video, Hoskinson said,

“I know you don’t think there’s any Dapps on Cardano, but there’s actually a lot of code that’s been deployed…”

The Cardano founder further said that there were “a lot of upgrades related to Plutos with actual apps deployed and more than 200 exchanges have to upgrade.” Notably, Cardano has been creating new Plutus-centric milestones of late.

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Despite notable improvements, critics, trollers, and network impersonators have been behind Cardano and its entire team. Quite recently, a particular user on Twitter claimed that he’d “copy” Cardano’s codes and make his own network. However, it seems like Hoskinson doesn’t care, for he merely responded with a spelling correction note.