Cardano: Vasil Hard Fork encounters a delay [again]

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Networks will only thrive following timely network updates. Adhering to the demand, shortcomings and several other aspects has become a necessity. In order to further spruce up its network’s speed and scalability, Cardano [ADA] decided to carry out the Vasil Hard Fork. This, however, encountered multiple delays over the last couple of months. The latest date for its rollout was at the end of July. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and the hard fork has been delayed once again.

Appearing in Cardano360, Kevin Hammond, technical manager at Input Output Global(IOG) revealed that the Vasil hard fork would be delayed for a few more weeks. The latest delay is due to final testing and other minor issues. Hammond noted how the network wanted to get things right as opposed to rushing into the hard fork.

He added,

“Obviously, from where we are, there could be a few more weeks before we go to the actual Vasil hard fork. This is incredibly important. All the users have to be ready to progress through the hard fork to make sure the smooth process, both for them and end users of the Cardano blockchain.”

Surprisingly the community wasn’t very upset about Cardano’s latest delay. Several took to Twitter and pointed out how the network was working towards making things perfect.

A few others noted how delays with regard to software development were quite usual and the community shouldn’t be surprised. Another Twitter user suggested that he’d rather wait for a couple of more weeks rather than encountering major issues or even hacks.

More time to pocket Cardano?

Over the last couple of days, BSC whales have been bagging Cardano’s native crypto ADA. At press time, ADA stood as the 17th most purchased token among the top 100 BSC whales.


While this is a dainty number, these whales are likely to load up on a few more ADA ahead of the hard fork. Additionally, at press time, the altcoin was trading for $0.5298 with 5.47 percent surge over the last couple of hours.