Chipotle mirrors Ethereum’s Post Merge and offers 99.95% off

Sahana Kiran
Chipotle Unveils a New “Buy the Dip” Game With a $200,000 Crypto Giveaway
Source: Fortune

The popularity of the crypto-verse witnessed a significant surge over the last couple of years. This further instigated a collaboration between the crypto industry and several other mainstream entities. Prominent food chain, Chipotle entered the crypto scene back in 2021 with its $100,000 Bitcoin giveaway sometime around National Burrito Day.

Over the next couple of months, the platform went on to include other assets on its giveaway list. More recently, Chipotle seemed to be smitten by the Ethereum network’s transition into proof-of-stake [PoS].

In its latest Twitter thread, the prominent food chain noted that there would be a whopping 99.95 percent off on its steak bowl. The community was certainly puzzled by Chipotle’s tweet. However, the firm pointed out that this offer was in light of the Ethereum network that uses 99.95 percent less energy following the Merge.

Flexa, a payments platform, penned a Medium post noting how the offer lasted until 4th October. However, users would have to spend ETH at Chipotle in order to avail the offer.

The Medium post read,

“To commemorate the successful Ethereum Merge on September 15, Chipotle and Flexa are teaming up to offer exclusive “proof of steak” savings on Chipotle orders featuring the delicious new Garlic Guajillo Steak.”

Did Chipotle’s initiative prove to be successful?

While the offer did lure in many, it seemed like quite a hassle to a few others. Several complained about having to download an application, create a whole new account and go through the whole login process. Even after this, many complained about the app not working or the store not being aware of the offer.

A few others noted how they would get free food through Chipotle’s latest initiative but they would have ended up spending a lot on gas fees.

But a majority of Crypto Twitter seemed to have availed the offer. Pictures of the bowl were all over the comment section of Chipotle. Meanwhile, Ethereum was trading for $1,283.66 while it noted a nearly 7 percent daily drop.