Coinbase Cloud Joins Chainlink to Boost Security as Node Operator

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Coinbase Cloud Joins Chainlink to Boost Security as Node Operator
Source: Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the key players in the cryptocurrency realm. The exchange has various products that cater to its users from over 100 countries. One such product is the Coinbase Cloud. It is nothing but a collection of infrastructure and developer tools that allow enterprises to design, implement, and grow their dApps.

In one of their latest announcements, Chainlink has revealed that Coinbase Cloud will jumping onboard as a node operator. In a tweet thread, Coinbase Cloud also unveiled the details, mentioning why this collaboration matters.

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According to the details, Coinbase Cloud disclosed that the team will be running a Chainlink oracle node to assist in advancing the security measures. Chainlink, which acts as a bridge between web3 and real-world data, helps the web3 realm have access to real-world data while also ensuring accuracy.

“Chainlink provides decentralized oracle networks across 14+ blockchains, enabling a plethora of use cases. Each decentralized oracle network consists of multiple node operators and data sources to enhance decentralization and prevent single points of failure.”

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With this collaboration, Coinbase Cloud has now joined as a Chainlink oracle node operator. The cloud service is also now a part of the decentralized Oracle network that powers the Chainlink Data feeds.