Coinbase x Ethereum Name Service: Will it foster Web3 adoption?

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Coinparative

Just a day back, Ethereum Name Service was in the news for taking down GoDaddy and getting the domain name up and running. As reported yesterday, the address is currently registered under Dynadot LLC and is expected to expire in July 2023.

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Now, in another latest development, crypto exchange Coinbase has partnered with the Ethereum-based name service provider to create “cb id” usernames. Per ENS’s official tweet, the said move was “aligned” with its mission to make web3 “more accessible.”

Per Coinbase, the said usernames are now available on the platform’s wallet extension. Also, already existing .ens addresses can also connect their usernames to the Coinbase wallet.

Announcing the same, Coinbase’s official handle tweeted, “Yes to ENS & yes to cb․id”.

Simply put, Coinbase usernames are a decentralized form of ID that allows users to personalize their wallet address, and make it easier to access Web3. The simplicity further makes it hassle-free for others to locate, identify, and send funds to wallets via the said username.

The username is essentially a “subdomain” tied to Coinbase’s Domain Name System (DNS) domain ( The same is also registered under the ENS protocol.

Partnership to aid in Ethereum Name Service’s adoption?

ENS monthly registrations had taken a slight hit in August. Per data from a Dune Analytics dashboard, the number stood at 301.6k last month when compared to July’s 378.8k. However the performance in September, until now, has been noteworthy. At press time, over 294.5k names were already registered, making it almost at par with August. If the same pace were to continue, the monthly registrations will be able to rake in other 147k names in the remaining 10 days of the month.

Source: Dune Analytics

The Coinbase ENS partnership is seemingly a step in the right direction toward fostering Web3 adoption. Furthermore, per people from the community, it will also aid in increasing the number of users in the respective platform/protocol’s arena.

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