Crypto Geniuses: Artistick, the META Project, And The Matrix Reality


Everybody loves crypto geniuses, especially NFTs. From the rise of crypto punks, bored apes, and crypto whales, NFT artists keep surprising us. Some are simply crypto geniuses who come up with ingenious projects like Artistick with the NFT “Meta” Project. Let’ some discuss Crypto geniuses and their projects.

META NFT Project

A crypto genius has taken to OpenSea, to create NFT Art to sensitize crypto adoption. The artist uses the Polygon Matic network to create the NFTs, however, a few are in Ethereum. 

The Artist by the name “Artistick” is creating a meta-reality, the “blue-pill red-pill” matrix reality. The Artist asks, is it too soon?  The Artist also uses animation characters like Nick Wilde and Judy Hoops to sensitize users on buying the dips.

META “BluePill-RedPill”, Too Soon? 

There is information going around that Bitcoin pills are Ecstacy drugs or drugs used for illegal purposes. However, Artistick has decided to change that by creating an art piece that symbolizes the reality of the matrix. 

  • Blue Pill- Symbolises individuals denying the use of cryptocurrencies and states like China opposing it.
  • Redpill- Symbolises individuals already accepting crypto and its openness that is transforming the financial markets.

The Artist asks if it is too soon to launch a project like this using the “TOO SOON?”, and circles it with red. It raises several questions: Will the human mind adapt? Will it be able to comprehend the vast realities of a Metaverse? Is it happening sooner than expected? Will our world transition into a Matrix reality? Is the Metaverse a good or bad project? Is it all happening sooner than expected? 

With the profile Icon as Meta, the NFT genius aims to create awareness on cryptocurrency. Just like Elon Musk said, the SEC should simply let the crypto markets thrive. Michael Saylor too affirmed that inflation is the problem, bitcoin is the solution.

The Redpill- blue-pill also symbolizes future millionaires and billionaires. Everybody is early to crypto and there is a chance to make more because the economic market is transitioning, and the technology of the new era is cryptocurrency. It is better to swallow the red pill and invest that blue pill and watch others become millionaires in the future.

Exploring The Metaverse

Artistick has also created an amusing NFT showing Zootopia characters, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps taking a selfie while touring the Metaverse. The two characters seem very real and the selfie even has the caption,

“Exploring the Metaverse”

~Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps #2021

Buy The Dips

This creative genius uses Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde to sensitize users to buy the dips. The crypto markets have had a minimal surge within the past week, as everybody is waiting for Bitcoin to moon.

It is still a bullish season and the Twitter community is creating an incentive to remind everyone to buy the dips. Artistick, taking advantage of this opportunity, selflessly reminds you and I to buy the dips.

Price Values

The Meta NFTs go for as little as $0.01 ETH.  Only one goes off 1 ETH. It is difficult to understand why the artist chose different floor prices for the art pieces, but this is still another creative mind in place. It simply is a way of showing how expensive the reality of cryptocurrency Metaverse will be for those who do not take the red pill now.

Artisick symbolizes that the crypto Metaverse would grow and gain value, into a single entity. Therefore, it symbolizes the growth value of the Metaverse, hence a difference in floor prices.

The more Artsy NFTs are selling for as low as $0.01, and the less number of NFTs on the page shows the Artist is still creating. We cannot wait for more Art pieces. This project is gonna blow and be massive. Get one now if you still can!