Crypto Youtuber Bitboy Allegedly Drops Lawsuit Against Atozy

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Cryptoslate

After much online debate and drama, YouTuber Ben Armstrong, who goes by “Bitboy Crypto,” has reportedly dropped the lawsuit against fellow crypto content creator Erling Mengshoel, aka “Atozy.” Armstrong allegedly dropped the lawsuit after Mengshoel gathered sufficient funds for his defense. The Youtuber was helped by prominent cryptocurrency podcaster Cobie (Jordan Fish), who donated $100,000 for the cause.

Mengshoel has received a total of $200,000 in donations. However, no legal paperwork confirms that Armstrong has dropped the lawsuit. According to Mengshoel’s lawyer, the case isn’t over until it’s dismissed. Furthermore, Mengshoel said that once he receives confirmation about the lawsuit being dropped, he will refund the money to the donators. Again, Mengshoel also thanked Cobie in a Tweet for allowing him to use some of his fees as gas.

Is the crypto YouTuber cleared of all accusations?

The lawsuit against Mengshoel was filed on the 12th of August. The suit was in response to a video posted by Mengshoel titled, “This Youtuber Scams His Fans… Bitboy Crypto.” The video, at press time, has 188,468 views. Moreover, Atozy has 1.24 million subscribers, compared to Bitboy’s 1.44 million subscribers. The video alleges Armstrong promotes suspicious assets on his “Bitboy Crypto” YouTube channel. Armstrong demanded $75,000 in damages.

However, Armstrong said the feud had gone farther than he intended and was not a slapstick lawsuit. The YouTuber stated,

“So we are gonna drop the lawsuit, 100% and I’m sorry this became public, I’m sorry that this has been misconstrued, but I just want you guys to understand why I was doing this.”

Furthermore, according to Armstrong, he was only trying to defend his reputation and get Mengshoel’s video removed as it contained wrong information.

It is possible that Armstrong did not anticipate such public support for Mengshoel. Additionally, Cobie is a popular figure in the crypto industry. Although Cobie’s UpOnly podcast has far fewer subscribers than Bitboy Crypto, he sure has a lot of respect in the community. Atozy supporters are currently waiting on an official document that clears the content creator of any charges.