Cryptocurrency: Man Turns $51 Into $11,000 in 2 Hours

Vinod Dsouza
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Source: Watcher Guru

A cryptocurrency investor made stellar returns with a mere investment of $51 on Wednesday. The speculative trading opened and closed in just two hours over the Solana network using its DeFi ecosystem. A mysterious and unidentified trader invested $50.98 in the NVDA token for 0.00002816 by swapping SOL.

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The NVDA cryptocurrency quickly skyrocketed in price and the investor’s portfolio ballooned in a matter of hours. The anonymous holder sold his investments in installments worth $931, $1,633, $2,143, $1,734, $2,291, and $2,210. Therefore, the investor netted a profit of a total of $10,900 in just two hours.

That’s an upswing and return on investment (ROI) of approximately 22,000% in only 120 minutes. It’s a gain of approximately 210x in an extremely short period. The cryptocurrency transaction was initiated in Raydium (RAY), which is Solana’s second-biggest decentralized exchange by total value locked (TVL). Around $150 million is locked in the Raydium DeFi and boasts a trading volume worth $160.92 million.

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Also, the identity of the cryptocurrency investor remains to be a mystery. It is not known if the holder was a dev or an insider who is a part of the token.

Leading cryptocurrency on-chain metrics and Lookinchain was the first to dish out the transaction calling the returns “Unbelievable”. The metrics firm shared the transaction history by tweeting, “This guy turned 0.5 SOL($ 51) into 106.5 SOL($ 10.8K), earning 106 SOL($ 10.8K) in just 2 hours, a gain of 210x!”

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Cryptocurrency: Tales of Extreme Profits

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Source: AltFi

The cryptocurrency market has numerous tales of investors making stellar profits in a short period. The profits are much higher than the US stock market can ever deliver in several years. However, not all that glitter is gold, as the majority of holders are under severe losses. Only a handful of investors have made it big while more than 90% of holders are underwater.