Cryptopunks NFT Collection Hits $1 Billion in Sales

CryptoPunk nft

A crypto-collectibles project just broke the billion-dollar mark for all-time sales. Cryptopunks has sold more than a million unique digital assets. This has put it on par with heavy hitters Axie Infinity and Opensea, who have both broken $1B in total revenue.

The Cryptopunk NFT collection is now worth a billion dollars. According to, its all-time sales are at $1.095 billion.  

Cryptopunk has several records on’s top sales page when it comes to NFT sales. In terms of all-time sales, cryptopunk is trailing only Opensea at $3.54b and Axie infinity at 1.68b.

On August 28, Cryptopunk #8888 sold at 888.8 ether, equivalent to $2.8 million. Also, Another cryptopunk #9373 went for 499.99 ether on Saturday, which is $1.63 million using the ethereum exchange rate. 

Cryptopunk #2310 sold for 380 Eth, while cryptopunk#9100 sold for 350 Eth. Subsequently, cryptopunk #7674 sold for 342.69 ether, equivalent to $1.11, on Sunday afternoon.

Cryptopunk is the second best-selling non-fungible token market this week. Yet, it’s only just below Art blocks. While Cryptopunk saw 686 sales and $173 million in seven days, Art blocks have amassed 24,454 purchases worth a whopping 228 million dollars!

One Entity Owns 254 Cryptopunks, NBA Top Shot Sales Taps $671 Million

Today, there are 10,000 Cryptopunks in existence. However, only 2,888 unique wallets hold at least one of them. One wallet holds a whopping 254 punks, and 75% of all punk owners own at least two Cryptopunks!

In the last week, Cryptopunks has seen an increase of 750% in sales across seven days, with $144.605 million brought by 343 traders.

Cryptopunks is in the lead for all-time sales. At over $1 billion, it’s well above its competitors on On August 28, NBA Top Shot had sold $671 million worth of products, Rarible $197 million, and Super rare a mere $103 million.