CryptoZoo Whitepaper Released

CRYPTOZOO BY Logan Paul Best Way to Mint a NFT

Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo is an independent ecosystem where users can collect, breed, and trade exotic animal hybrids on the blockchain. All animals are NFTs. These digital assets, like all NFTs, are inseparable and quite rare.

CryptoZoo has an open-sourced 3rd party SDK. The SDK allows community developers to build parallel to or on top of the CryptoZoo ecosystem. This enjoins different tools and experiences in the realm of CryptoZoo.

What is CryptoZoo

CryptoZoo is a blockchain game that makes cryptocurrency and NFTs accessible to new users.

It combines virtual pets with the real-world economy of crypto for gamers by allowing players to adopt unique creatures in exchange for Ether or ERC721 tokens from their wallets.

Users can also buy goods within the platform using ETH and trade CryptoPets they have collected through peer-to-peer transactions on OpenSea Marketplace, an online marketplace for buying and selling digital assets built on top of 0x protocol.

To keep things exciting but straightforward, items sold inside Cryptozoology’s ecosystem go up when demand rises while going down if supply increases too much, so people don’t over.

Some of these hybrids have been known to yield 64,500 $ZOO tokens per day, translating into thousands of US dollars annually just by collecting and selling your rare animal NFTs in this virtual world!

Inclusive Ecosystem

CryptoZoo is an inclusive ecosystem that makes blockchain technology accessible to a broad consumer base. CryptoZoo offers gamification, low barriers to entry, and investor-friendly yield mechanics, making it easy for users who are less tech-savvy to get involved in this space.

The first generation of smart contracts has more than 300 animal hybrids on the blockchain, including Pandacats and Penguinducks. The $ZOO has been necessary to fuel transactions that include purchasing eggs and animals.

Each NFT offers a high-quality rendering with blockchain-level security that cannot be replicated, removed, or destroyed. Ownership of select assets even comes with unique benefits!

About the Developers

The team behind CryptoZoo is composed of some leading game developers, technologists, financial analysts, and media professionals. 

A passionate team of individuals is in charge of technical development to ensure long-term playability, functional in-game economics, and seamless integration with the rapidly advancing blockchain technology frontier.

CryptoZoo is revolutionizing NFT games. While other NFT-based games only provide a rich in-game experience, they offer the potential for broad social consumption and interaction with our users on an unprecedented scale.

Blockchain is the future, but it has yet to hit the mainstream. The CryptoZoo social network could be a game-changer and bring blockchain technology into the homes of millions!

Is CryptoZoo Tradable?

The $ZOO token is about to trade as the developers are updating the smart contracts. Token sale starts today as they will be launching the crypto EGG sale.

Reasons for CryptoZoo

CryptoZoo is a platform that introduces blockchain technology to new market participants by combining the proven success of gamified animal ownership with the anticipatory optimism of collecting trading cards. 

In this double-sided world, users will seamlessly transition from tokens to NFTs and back again. CryptoZoo is an NFT platform that provides sustainable and practical ways for players to earn rewards. Unlike other platforms, CryptoZoo makes it unique because of its theme, which revolves around the ZOO world.

Additionally, community participation drives value in this ecosystem, making it a vibrant place where people can thrive with ease! While the $ZOO token currently is in a digital economy, the goal is to bring digital and physical worlds together. 

Where users can use their tokens outside of just games in something, we call “Life-Play.” The world will become like CryptoZoo, where players benefit from binary actions within it.

Let’s Play

To kick off the launch of this new product. We will store 10,000 first-generation Base Eggs in a smart contract on Ethereum and Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC). 

You can exchange these base eggs with ETH or any of five other digital currencies at a discounted rate.

Egg Rarity

Unhatched eggs may be sold at auctions or hatched to reveal a base animal.

A blockchain-based probability factor determines the NFT animal hatched from a Base Egg. This means that each egg has the same chance of hatching an ultra-rare, rare, or common creature, and we will know which one before it hatches! 

Base Eggs

You can hatch the base eggs to reveal a “Base” animal. First-generation base eggs will hatch animals grouped by the following rarity tiers:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic

Base Egg will always provide a base animal! That will eventually yield $ZOO NFT

Hybrid Eggs

Here two base animals are bred together to generate a hybrid EGG. The egg will hatch into a hybrid animal. 

Often, the hybrid is stunning and has a higher value. All hybrid animals have rarity levels and may vary on the amount of $ZOO they yield.


Yielding and Earning $ZOO Tokens

The moment a hatched animal is created, it instantly starts yielding $ZOO tokens at the rate determined by rarity. There are also undisclosed factors that boost yield in the algorithm.

Yield determines how many Z$ will be allocated to an owner daily, and as time goes on, more $ZOO accumulates within this NFT for its owners.

A ZooKeeper must “release” their animal back into the wild to get their yielded $ZOO token. 

Once an animal is released, it will be burned and can never again have ownership of that NFT by another user.


Crossbreeding can occur to create a new breed of animal. A hybrid is rarer and produces more yield than the sum of its parents, making it an efficient way to earn more.

A hybrid animal’s yield is inherited from its parents, but the additional boost it receives depends on both parent’s rarity.

A base animal has the potential to be bred up to SEVEN times. Each time, there is a cooldown which gets longer with each breeding session. After seven breedings, an animal becomes sterile and cannot reproduce again.

You can accelerate the cool down period in exchange of $ZOO tokens

Auction House

A new auction house will allow players to buy and sell animals in a peer-to-peer fashion. Players can either display their items for sale or bid on them, depending on whether they’re selling or buying an animal respectively.

Utility of ZOO Tokens and NFTs

$ZOO has many uses within the ecosystem. From in-game transactions to supporting additional game functionality and providing further utility for its players. The team will also be adding various applications of $ZOO outside of the Game throughout time.

$ZOO tokens have these utilities:

  • Egg Purchasing
  • Breeding Recovery Boosts
  • Egg Incubation Boosts
  • Breeding
  • Marketplace Purchases

$ZOO Tokenomics

The total $ZOO tokens are 2,000,000,000,000. Half of it is circulating while the other half is in Game Wallet. 500,000,000,000 of which have been availed to the public while the remaining tokens have been allocated to founders, marketing, and development.

The $ZOO token was created on the Binance Smart Chain to avoid costly fees and slow transactions that have recently been plaguing ETH.

Open Source SDK

Join CryptoZoo today and build your zoo! We believe that open-sourced development is the future, which is why we have opened up our project to allow developers from all walks of life.