Discord Backpedals On Incorporating Cryptocurrency Into Its Popular Chat App

Source: coindesk.com

Recently, discord changed its position of merging crypto in its most used chat app. CEO Jason Citron posted the image of MetaMask on Twitter, showing its integration to the discord user phase.

According to discord, the image was just a pre-release mock of how crypto merging could look like. Discord has been actively exploring the blockchain network to complement its initial intention. However, it is putting that on hold to align its values with the crypto societies built on it.

The feature suggested by Citron looks similar to an NFT Verification functionality that Twitter is working on. A discord user will be able to use it by connecting the crypto wallets to the platform. Afterward, they can now add more NFTs to their accounts to display them.

Discord User’s Reject the Idea of Crypto Integration

Discord subscribers are, however, not happy with this teaser. Many of them were seen threatening to delete their paid accounts from discord while others boycotted. Discord is a host to texts, voice, and video chats. This sounds familiar to the salesforce platform, which is very famous among video gamers.

According to discord users, cryptocurrency has brought conflict particularly in the game industry. Some of them also raised alarms saying that crypto mining and online transactions consume lots of energy, affecting the climate globally.

NFTs society users also express their concerns saying that if discord merges crypto into its system, it will raise false crypto platforms coming on board. According to them, discord should cancel this plan.

Discord is home to many NFTs projects as many are using the servers to socialize with their fellow players, including Axie Infinity players. This goes a long way to indicate that the discord users enjoy its services, and therefore they would care if anything interrupts that joy.

Discord, Web3, NFTs, and Crypto

Web3 is a technology on the internet that allows everything to run on the blockchain. Citron’s discord would want to connect to web3 and become a future leader. This is why crypto and NFT are pushing for this idea to happen today.

NFTs and crypto fans also believe that the video game industry will profit a lot, especially with web3 coming into place.

Discord is also known because many gamers tend to use it a lot. The majority of discord users are gamers. Web3 will fasten things into the digital space.

Why Gamers are Opposing NFTs merge into Discord

Gamers have been enjoying discord services for a long time until recently when the NFT based games started, and NFT gamers came into discord. According to them, NFTs are making the gamers’ hobby expensive and can shut them out entirely.

This is because the NFTs provide for anyone who can afford them. Recently a former Goldman Sachs employee built a business off the NFT based game Axie Infinity.

In a tweet response, Citon says that this is probably nothing. However, it speaks volumes. Will discord continue with its plans to include NFT and crypto in its App? What’s your view?