DogeCola Jumps 60% After Elon Musk Jokes About Buying Coca Cola

Vinod Dsouza
DogeCola token Elon Musk Coca Cola Cocaine Tweet
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk can bring anything to life with his mere tweets, despite it being just a joke. Musk was seen in a playful mood today sending out a series of funny tweets joking about buying companies. He tweeted a meme about himself which read he’d by McDonald’s next to “fix all of the ice cream machines.” An hour later, Musk tweeted another joke saying he’d buy Coca-Cola to put “cocaine back in.” His tweet read, “Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in.” However, an obscure and never-heard of crypto DogeCola immediately spiked in price today reaching +60% in just a few hours.

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In addition, the search volume for ‘DogeCola’ saw a dramatic increase today which eventually led users towards the token. DogeCola’s trading volume jumped +1,112.51% today and the meme token is displaying bullish sentiments. At present, DogeCola is hovering around the +55% mark and is expected to spike again as interest in it grows.

This proves that Elon Musk is certainly blessed with a ‘Midas touch’ as anything he tweets turns to gold. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a joke, his tweets churn out money despite him not being celebrated.

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Does DogeCola Have A Future?

Source: Twitter / Kinti

DogeCola might be in the limelight for not more than three days and will fizzle out by the start of next week. Those who invested immediately after Musk’s tweet are enjoying profits and so does early investors of the token. Getting in late hoping that the token will shoot up hereon is like dropping an ax on your own feet.

Tokens like these will not sustain after the limelight is off and could take years to claw back to its present heights. It is advised to stay away from ‘quick money-making when the sun is shining’ type of tokens. When the sun sets, there are no possibilities of it rising again.

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DogeCola token price market cap

Nonetheless, DogeCola’s previous gains have been impressive as it steadily generated growth for its investors. Since the last 30-trading days, it’s up +31.3% and is also up +47.2% since 14-trading days. DogeCola is also up +52.6% in the last 7-trading days.