El Salvador Vice President: Bitcoin is Driving Country’s Rebirth

Joshua Ramos
Source: CNN

In an interview with Forbes, El Salvador’s Vice President, Felix Ulloa, stated his belief that Bitcoin is driving the country’s rebirth. Indeed, Ulloa discussed the integrated presence of this digital asset in the nation’s economic upswing and the benefits of widespread adoption.

El Salvador has long been recognized for its connection to the most prominent digital asset. Subsequently, Ulloa has affirmed that the alignment with the currency has been an overwhelming positive for the nation. Specifically, playing a crucial role in its recent resurgence.

El Salvador Vice President Felix Ulloa has stated that Bitcoin has become a driving force behind the country's rebirth

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El Salvador VP Champions Bitcoin’s Impact

The year thus far has been interesting for the digital asset sector. Since the fall of FTX, countries have been heavily critical of the industry’s position. Subsequently, many nations have sought to combat its presence or establish clear regulations. Yet, one country known for its digital asset usage is speaking positively about its impact

Indeed, El Salvador Vice President Felix Ulloa has stated that Bitcoin is a driving factor in the country’s rebirth. Speaking to Forbes, Ulloa noted its impact on tourism, investment, and overall economic health. Ultimately, it became a key reason for the country’s revival.

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“Without a doubt, tourism and the use of digital currencies go hand in hand and are a sign of that future and the rebirth of our country,” Ulloa stated. Additionally, he discussed Bitcoin’s leading borderless financial systems and new opportunities.

“There were reactions in both directions. Some multilateral organizations initially made objections. Still, the enthusiasm that started in the sphere of the digital economy with bitcoiners, where El Salvador, having positioned itself as the first country to adopt a cryptocurrency as legal tender, was at the forefront, attracted many investors who are installed in Salvador,” he stated.

El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, resulting in widespread opinions on the move. Ultimately, it has proven to be a net positive, with the country authorizing and encouraging the use of this asset.