Elon Musk to resign as Twitter CEO and will run software and server teams

Sahana Kiran
Source – Yahoo

Elon Musk’s $44 billion Twitter takeover is certainly a highlight of 2022. Ever since Musk took over the reins of the social media giant, there has been quite some chaos. From mass layoffs to monetizing the platform, users expressed concerns. Over the last couple of days, discussions about finding a new CEO for Twitter took the front stage.

A whopping 17,502,391 Twitter users decided the fate of Musk’s role as the platform’s CEO. Musk carried out a recent poll asking netizens if he had to step down as the head of Twitter. 57.5 percent of the participants were inclined towards finding a new CEO. The other 42.5 percent were happy to use the platform under Musk’s leadership. Since he vowed to abide by the results of the poll, the social media giant will soon see the arrival of a new CEO.

Earlier today, Musk confirmed the same through a tweet. The Tesla CEO said that he will be resigning right after he finds someone “foolish enough” to take on the CEO role.

Suggestions for the next CEO of the social media giant began pouring in. While several urged Musk to hire “seasoned media execs,” a few others were pointing in the direction of Meta and Google.

It should be noted that Parag Agrawal the former CEO of Twitter was ousted following Musk’s takeover.

The crypto community wanted NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to take on the role of Twitter’s CEO. This was mostly due to his recent tweet where he threw his name in the hat by announcing that he takes payment in Bitcoin [BTC].

Will Elon Musk find a Dogecoin-friendly CEO for Twitter?

The entire globe is aware of Musk’s inclination towards Dogecoin. While Musk has implemented the meme crypto into his other platforms like Tesla and SpaceX, the community was sure that Twitter would also see the integration of DOGE. It should be noted that Musk hasn’t made any revelations about the same.

However, in the comment section of his recent tweet, the community was pitching Billy Markus, the co-founder of Dogecoin. Markus also gave his two cents about finding a new CEO. The Dogecoin co-founder said,

“I think that’s a good call, hope you can find someone with great leadership qualities who is also a masochist!”

While the hunt for a new CEO has officially started, the globe awaits to see who would take on the reins of Twitter.