Ethereum: 3 Possible Reasons Why the $440 Million ETH Holder Never Sold

Vinod Dsouza
Ethereum ETH
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A mysterious Ethereum address purchased $75,000 worth of ETH during its initial coin offering (ICO) in early 2014. The holder accumulated 250,000 ETH for $75K and it’s been close to nine years now with no activity on the wallet. Since 2014, no other crypto transactions have taken place from the wallet and it remains completely idle. The wallet is one of the biggest mysteries in the cryptocurrency sphere as nobody knows who owns it or what the holder plans to do.

The $75,000 investment into Ethereum has turned into $440 million in 2023 as of March 23, 2023. That’s a return of 5,500x in nine years. The address also received $6.5 million in airdrops, as a holding incentive. That’s an 87x on the initial investment alone.

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3 Possible Reasons Why The $440 Million Ethereum Holder Never Sold

1. The Greatest ‘Diamond Hands’ Ever Recorded?

Source: CryptoSlate

One possible reason could be that the $440 million Ethereum holder could be the greatest ‘diamond hands’ investor ever recorded. He or she wants the portfolio to balloon further and is looking at a much-specified desired target to sell. The holder doesn’t mind waiting for another few years or a decade to reach there. If the speculation could indeed be true, the address sets an example of what ‘diamond hands‘ truly mean.

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2. The Holder Lost The Keys?


The second possible reason for not selling the $440 million worth of Ethereum could be that the user has lost his/her keys. It would be difficult for any normal human being to sit on a $75,000 investment, ballooning to $440 million, and not sell. So the possibility of the holder losing his wallet keys or maybe simply don’t have access to his/her account is real.

3. The Investor Is No longer Alive?

The third possible scenario could be that the holder might no longer be alive. Sitting on a $440 million generational wealth can knock the socks out of a living person and press the ‘sell’ button in an instant. That didn’t happen. However, we hope that the second and third scenario never plays out and the holder is indeed a ‘diamond hands’ person.