Ethereum alternatives, Shiba Inu donations, and more: Vitalik Buterin

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Crypto Influencers Vitalik Buterin
Source: Forbes

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin recently appeared on the UpOnly podcast and shared his thoughts on the realm of cryptocurrencies and the state of affairs within and outside of Ethereum. 

Alternatives to Ethereum

The podcast hosts asked Vitalik about his recent Twitter poll where he asked the Ethereum community, about which currency they would like to have if they woke up in the year 2035 and 80% of transactions and savings were in a non-ETH currency. 

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The first poll had Bitcoin (BTC), USD, Solana (SOL), and Cardano (ADA); while the second poll had TRON, Binance Coin (BNB), and NEO. Vitalik clarified that the reason for the poll was not just for fun, but also for him to get an idea of what the community’s values are at the moment. He wanted to know if the community valued the differences between Ethereum and the other currencies, or if they saw the other currencies as more centralized and “evil” than the status quo. Or if the community felt that crypto, in general, was in it together. 

The results of the poll were quite clear, before the poll became “useless”, as he pointed out. USD and CNY were the least popular currencies, while Cardano (ADA) and TRON were the most popular. Vitalik went on to congratulate the ADA team for their efforts and that great things can happen for team Cardano in 2022. He said he felt the same way for TRON. However, there might have been a hint of sarcasm in his statement, as in the past, Cardano and Tron’s representatives have often criticized Ethereum and its future protocols.  

On donating Shiba Inu to charity

Vitalik was also asked about his donation to the Covid Relief Fund of India in 2021. Vitalik had donated over a billion dollars worth of SHIB to the Covid Relief Fund of India. He said that the experience was “scary” and “fun” at the same time. Vitalik compared the experience to that of being in a James Bond movie, as getting rid of the funds required a thorough technical procedure. 

The creators of SHIB had given Vitalik 50% of the supply, and the access was kept in a cold wallet. Two numbers were written on separate pieces of paper to get access to the tokens. To sell the meme coin, the Ethereum creator had to combine the two digits to produce the private key. 

Vitalik claimed to have downloaded a QR code generator application. He scanned the QR code with his phone after making the Ethereum transaction, copied it to his PC, and then pasted it into Tx. Finally, Buterin stated that he started giving out the tokens and promptly disengaged from the internet once the procedure was complete.

Beyond Ethereum and SHIB

The podcast not only touched upon Ethereum and SHIB but also a lot of jokes were passed around. There was plenty of room for fun in the episode, and Vitalik sure was a sport in the same. He also talked about anti-aging projects, commenting that someone who is born today, likely would live to the year 3000. 

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Vitalik moreover spoke about the future and how to move crypto beyond financialization. He additionally said that almost every major crypto project has a plan in place for moving to Proof of Stake while addressing environmental accusations on crypto, and recent talks of crypto curbs by giant national banks. 

Watch the podcast in its entirety on YouTube.