Everything you need to know about the SafeMoon Sunday (10/3/21)

SafeMoon Sunday

Safemoon’s weekly recap announcement by the company’s CEO John Karony and Ryan Arriaga ( Global Head of Products at SafeMoon) on 03/10/2021.

Safemoon Sunday Announcements

Apple (iOS) Update

The Safemoon team says that they did a perfect job on their side, and it is up to the Apple team to go through the application and give their feedback. 

Additionally, Ryan said the team tested the app with thousands of other Safemoon army members. Ryan also said the Safemoon team is going to be transparent about their app.

Ryan says the text could come back for more fixing.

V2 Release 

The V2 is going to use a similar burn wallet to V1. The overall token supply for V2 is one trillion, and there will be roughly 500 billion in circulation. 

For ease during everyday transactions, the transaction fees to other wallets will reduce to 2%. However, the standard prices for buying and selling will remain (10%). 

Blacklist feature added for security purposes. This feature has three levels;

  • Withdraw
  • Deposit
  • Gate Closed

Switching from V1 to V2 will be as easy as a click. Additionally, Safemoon will release push notifications so that everyone gets notified about the switching process. 

Wind Turbines

Every time it spins, the wind turbines will contribute to Safemoon burn. Getting samples, the team is testing out new technologies with Wind Turbines. Exchanges are still in consideration. 

Due to the compliance process, the Safemoon card is experiencing a delay, but it is still in progress. 

Although its security feature is still under development, the team is developing the Safemoon hard wallet. SafeMoon aims to make the release time fit with other product releases.

The delayed timelines are due to regulatory compliance. The banking and currency support is in progress. 

In December, the Safemoon team will give more details about the prominent cases such as the adoption of renewable energy.

Safemoon Sunday Additional Information

When asked about the partnership with stable coins, the team said a partnership is possible. However, John couldn’t comment on the issue as it was not yet official.

Due to security concerns, the team hasn’t added DApps to the Safemoon wallet yet.

The network experienced spam reviews after the many downloads (over 200,000 on android). Despite this, they got added back after confirmation. 

The team revealed that a small fee from SWAP helps the Safe moon Ecosystem grow.

SafeMoon is hiring people to work in their Utah office. BNB SWAP and multi-wallet support are in the works. Notably, the multi wallets will get included within the Safe moon app.

Google Authenticator issues occur when there is a time difference between the Authenticator and the user’s phone. 

Although he did not state the alternative method, the CEO made it clear that Safe moon will not use the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. 

The consolidation process will not change percentages in V2.

The team is also pushing for security with encryption elements in the works.

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